The birth…

After a fairly good pregnancy with a bit of back ache and a few aches and pains, I can’t really moan (although on occasion I may have just a bit!) So as I left work and “b day” got closer, I have to say I began to remember and fear a little and dread what was coming! The memory of the pain of labour was slowly coming back to me and my dread really did set in. Thursday during the day something changed and I just felt that something was happening. I began to get mild contractions and so John took Bethany to my mums for a sleep over, she was very excited at the idea of sleeping in her special blow up bed with sleeping bag attached. She was so happy to be going to nanny’s I was having a bit of a panic thinking about what was coming and John was feeling a bit strange about leaving Bethany for the night.

I had contractions for most of the evening and spent the night on the sofa, however they were mild and had gone off by morning. John had the day off work as we thought it was all going to happen. When nothing had happened by the late morning we decided to go for a walk round Cassiobury park to try and get things going! Nothing. I had a nap as I hadn’t got much sleep that night we had a Chinese take away for dinner and I spent the night on the sofa again as I was uncomfortable and sure things were going to happen. At  1 I eventually fell asleep and then at about 4am I woke up with a contraction. They then started coming every 20 minutes, then every 16 then every 12. At 6am I woke John up and said, things are moving get up!

By 7 things were getting stronger and closer, I phoned the hospital and they said wait for them to come thicker and faster. With my tens machine on and the button being pushed very regularly the pains were coming harder if not faster so at just before 8 we phoned the hospital again and they said come in. We arrived at just after 8 and I was seen and told I was 4 to 5 cm. They gave me the gas and air and things started to look up! God I love that stuff! The contractions were lasting so much longer and then I felt like I needed to go to the toilet (worst nightmare!) So the gas and air and I went into the bathroom and I had to go to the toilet, I was thinking this is my worse nightmare I am stuck on the loo having contractions that are coming so strongly I don’t know what to do with myself!

Anyway eventually I managed to crawl back to the bed (so undignified!) I was on all fours on the bed and then before I knew it I was pushing! My second and third stage of labour were 6 minutes and then 10 minutes and then 9.45 my beautiful daughter arrived. I don’t remember feeling the pain as much during my first labour, the pain of the baby coming was incredible, but also it sort of felt natural which sort of made it bearable? I don’t begin to understand what your brain does to deal with childbirth – but mine did it!

Next was the stitching up phase, I had a 2 cm tear which needed to be stitched so I was wheeled down the corridor to another room where I was put in stirrups and my wonderful midwife gave me several injections before stitching me up. The thought of it sounded horrific, I had my gas and air with me but once the anaesthetic injection had taken hold it was actually not too bad at all. So after that I walked back to my room, was given some coffee and toast. I had a shower, John got Jessica dressed and we spent the day on our room laughing and talking and being amazed at the fact it was a girl and not a boy! When I got handed Jessica I said what is it, I looked and said “it’s a boy” the two midwives and John looked at each other and said no it’s a girl!

amanda and baby

Bethany came for a visit with my mum and nan, they stayed for half an hour and then left. Bethany was in tears as they left. I think two nights away from home was a bit too much, plus she was excited about her new sister and didn’t want to be left out. I got a bit upset that she was upset and I missed her terribly, but I knew I would be doing stories and tucking her in that evening so it was OK.  A few hours later we were putting Jessica into her oversized coat and the big car seat to bring her home.

We got home just after 6 my mum, dad, nan and Bethany came round and then Johns mum dad and sister came round, they all left by 7 and we started the whole night time routine for Bethany. We had dinner and then we went to bed with this tiny new bundle in the moses basket next to me. I don’t think I slept much looking at Jessica and then falling asleep for a moment before a bottle was needed.

The midwife came the next day and that was that. We were left to it, you just get back into it really! So we are now a family of 4, that is how it happened and I will keep you posted on how it goes. I am still a little shocked I have 2 daughters. I sit on the sofa looking at this tiny bundle in my arms thinking wow I am a mummy, with my 3 year old trying to “help” feed or cuddle her new sister. It seems so surreal sometimes, but it is real and it is my life and I Have to say…. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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