The Best Way To Tackle The Weaning Process

Changing your child’s routine can be challenging at times, but it’s often an indicator that they are growing up. From starting their first day of school to moving out of the family home, a parent must become comfortable with change and encourage new experiences as they get older.

At roughly six months of age, your baby will be ready to make their first life transition from milk to solid foods, a weaning process that introduces a whole new sensation for their tastebuds. This time can be testing and requires a lot of patience but is a wonderful road of discovery for both you and your baby.

It’s important to set adequate time aside and allow your child to play with their food. Mealtimes need to be associated with fun and enjoyment, not stress and pressure. Take inspiration from others and introduce vegetables slowly, it’s all about trial and error, and the key to success is never to give up. Joe Wicks, the founder of The Body Coach, works with a nutritionist that specialises in infant nutrition and share wonderful ‘Wean in 15’ meal ideas online that are simple and quick to prepare.

You may want to invest in some baby products that are specifically tailored to helping the weaning process:


It’s inevitable that food will soar around the kitchen during the weaning stage, and it’s important to not focus on the mess created and more on your child having fun. If you are wanting to prevent as much clearing up as possible and would like to avoid another change of clothes, a BiBaDO Coverall Baby Led Weaning Bib will help catch food scraps and leave floors spotlessly tidy.


Finger food is a great place to start with weaning, but there will become a point when utensils are needed and your child will need to learn how to use forks and spoons. Opt for baby-friendly cutlery that is easy to pick up and soft on the gums. Textured spoons are great for dipping into puréed fruit and vegetables.


The most cost-effective and nutritionally way of feeding your baby during weaning is to steam fruit and vegetables at home. This simple method of cooking does not take long at all and can be easily mashed into a purée. The Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer is fuss-free and efficient to use with a built-in blending mechanism.

Plates and Bowls

During weaning, your baby will love to pick up any plates or bowls within reach and this usually ends up with dinner on the floor. While a little mess here and there is completely fine and understandable, you won’t want all the food you’ve prepared ending up on the floor. Purchase plates and bowls that are designed for the weaning process, most will have a suction element on the bottom, making it difficult for your child to pick up. Hopefully, this will encourage them to play with their food a little more than the equipment involved.

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