The Best of Sisters, Dilly Court

0Twelve-year-old Eliza Bragg has known little in life but the cold, comfortless banks of the Thames. Living above her uncle’s chandlery she has grown accustomed to a life of penury and servitude, her only comfort the love and protection of her older brother, Bart.

But one day Bart accidentally kills a man and is forced to flee to New Zealand. Alone, barefoot, beaten down and at the mercy of her cruel uncle, Eliza realises that her very survival is at stake…

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital, April 2017

Reviewer: Jen

Eliza Bragg has a very harsh life with her uncle when her beloved brother Bart has to leave her. She has to battle for life itself until she meets Freddie Prince who she adores. He’s a much older man who saves her with his love and understanding.

The Author Dilly Court.  Another amazing story from this author.  She puts so much into her stories that you feel you know the locations and the characters.

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