The affect of technology in your child’s bedroom

In today’s technology driven environment, the majority of children are familiar with gadgets such as computers, smartphones and tables from a relatively young age.  Although these gadgets can offer educational benefits for children, the boundaries of how often they should be used, where and when can sometimes become blurred.

Research has highlighted that gadgets have an impact on our ability to wind down in the evening, resulting in disrupted sleep patterns.  The human brain and senses need sufficient time to ‘switch off’ from the noise, lights and information processing from the gadgets before going to bed.

For many mums, this has become a common problem when trying to get their children to sleep at night.

If your child’s bedroom is transformed into a gadget-heavy, entertainment area, it can alter their body clock, sleep patterns and affect their ability to relax.  It might also interfere with their learning and development at school, as well as manifest in physical problems such as anxiety or behavioural issues.

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To ensure your child has a good night’s sleep, one of the best strategies you can make is to avoid their exposure to gadgets late in the evening.  A child’s bedroom is a place of relaxation so reserve a place for the gadgets in a room away from the bedroom. Here are top tips for allowing your child to have a great night’s sleep without distraction from gadgets.

-Limit your child’s usage on gadgets per evening  This will allow your child to still have time using them but will give them plenty of time to settle down in the evening; making them ready for bed.

–Unplug your child from technology by removing all gadgets from their bedroom. The bright lights on the gadgets before bed pass through the eye and delay the release of the sleep inducing hormone Melatonin. By removing gadgets, it will prevent using them before sleep.  Instead encourage them to participate in other activities before bedtimes such as reading or listening to music.

-Educate yourself and your child on the impact the technology can have before bed. Through this you can explain the reasons for limiting and removing technology from the bedroom.

-A child’s bedroom should be a peaceful place, a sleep inducing haven with not too much clutter of different items fighting for their attention. Keep bedroom colours soothing and soft, and maintain an appropriate temperature.  If the room is too light, then consider blackout blinds. Choose a Children’s Bed that they love; they will look forward to bedtime and will be less distracted by gadgets.

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