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Another school year is nearly over and it is time to think about what to get the class teacher this year as a thank you gift? Do you as a class buy one present from all the children or do you buy presents per child?


We’ve put together a few idea’s to help you in your quest:


A framed thank you form the class is available from Priced at £25. This is a nice personal reminder of the year group for the teacher. There are also a great selection of mugs and keyrings  and other personalised items to say thank you to your teacher on this site ranging from £3.



There are some great personalised gifts for teachers at:

We love the bags, the one pictured is £10.95 but they start from £8


For everything from Kayrings and socks from £1.50 to personalised mugs and teacher pen tidies, why not grab a gift whilst getting your supermarket shopping from Asda.


Thornton chocolates from £7.99Say it with chocolates, OK not the most original of gifts, but a favourite none the less! From a straight forward box through to a personalised Thank you message you can get a great selection from Thorntons.


 24532afternoon-tea £15


For something a little bit different why not get an afternoon tea for two voucher for a local hotel. Available from they are just £15. Tea for Two Choice Voucher-_-Category_Tab_1-_-P1

M&S bead necklace and braccelet set £12.50


Jewellery can be a nice memento for a female teacher, several stores offer reasonably priced costume pieces, this necklace and bracelet set is just £12.50 from marks and Spencer and comes in different colours.


Scented candle is another great gift idea, Yankie Candles do a great range from a small jar for £8.39 through to a gorgeous gift set of 3 jars for £17.50.

For the male teacher there is the usual a wallet – this black one is £15, a Belt this one is £8 both from Next.

What about the Man tin from  A tin for men to keep  nuts, screws and other useful man things in! £6.99


So whatever your price range there is something out there for whatever type of teacher your child has, male, female, young or older. If all else fails there are a few fail safes:

1)      Bottle of wine – everybody loves wine and if they don’t they can take it round to a friends for dinner!

2)      Flowers or a plant – always bring a smile to your face.

3)      A good book or magazine subscription – knowing the teacher a little helps with this one as 50 shades of Grey may not be the best choice for some!

4)      Box of chocolates everybody eats chocolate, and even if they are on a diet or don’t like the type you have brought they can always take them round to a friends house so they wont go to waste!

5)      Something for the home, everybody needs a new tea towel, photo frame, vase, candle , just stick to neutral colours and you can’t go wrong.


Good Luck and we hope you all enjoy the summer holidays.

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