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Term time only jobs…the golden pot at the end of the rainbow for many mums looking to find employment to fit around their family.

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But it’s not just schools that can offer your the flexible role that you are searching for…Mojomums have been busy finding you the perfect term time only job ideas…

  • Colleges and Universities – we tend to immediately think of schools when we think of term times but colleges and Uni’s have hundreds of term time positions with everything from lecturers to administrators to kitchen staff to library assistants and beyond.  Term times do tend to differ from school terms but only slightly. Check out your local educational websites frequently.
  • Local Councils and Government Offices – many local borough councils and government offices offer part time positions, some with the option of being term time only, some with job share flexibility.
  • The NHS – one of the largest employers in the world, the NHS does offer some term time only positions and job-share opportunities are often available, as well as evening and weekend positions too. The NHS may also be able to help with childcare, including nursery care.  Visit the NHS Careers website here
  • Breakfast & after school clubs – are often run independently to the school.  Ask who runs your local clubs and start making enquiries…you never know, you may have a great idea and be able to set up your own club!
  • Catering Companies – so many schools now have their catering organised by out-of-premises catering firms whose positions will include everything from sales staff to chefs through to drivers.  Find out who provides your local schools catering and contact those companies directly.
  • Photographers – again, anyone who deals with schools will need extra staff during term times and photographers are no different. Sales teams and administrators may be needed for the busy term time rush, but not required during the holidays.
  • School coach/bus companies – same ideas here, more staff needed during term time.  Grab a local directory and search through…
  • Sales – any type of company that you can think of that sells a product or service to a school, college or university will be busier during the term time, so get thinking outside of the box!  Stationers, heath and safety providers, procurement providers, school uniform sales, payroll companies, recruitment agencies…a school is like a mini town – they use and need so many things and have many companies that work around their term time, you just need to think of that link…

We shall add to this list whenever we think of another term time only opportunity – and if you know of any then please let us know!



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  1. Emma Etim says:

    Hi there I am looking for a term time job local to my area Bury Prestwich and Manchester and I am currently in a job at the moment but would like advice on how to get a term time job

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