Ten Children’s garden toys essential for summer

Summer appears to have finally arrived and it’s time to spend long days in the garden – so what to buy to keep the kids entertained and off the iPad?  Here’s a few of the Mojomums teams favourite ideas…

padding pool 2

We say go for the biggest, craziest paddling pool that you can fit in your garden – hours of fun for everyone!

kelly painted playhouse

A playhouse can offer outdoors fun all year round – Mojomums Kelly (well, her husband!) built this one last year – click here for our review – and her children love to play ‘restaurants’ in the play kitchen inside!  Get your children involved in painting it, decorating the inside and even planting pretty flower pots outside…


Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes so you should find one to suit your garden – well worth the money as they are not only great exercise for your child, but they totally wear them out!!!

sand pit

A sandpit…do you dare?!  Yes, you will find sand all over your garden, in your house and all of those places that you don’t want to find sand in! But your children will probably love it, especially the little ones, and we all know happy children = happy parents…!!!  Be sure to buy a solid cover though, there’s nothing like the neighbours cat using it as their litter tray!

water guns

Look at their faces! Water guns, water balloons, garden hose fights – kids don’t care what they use as long as they can get themselves wet and ideally get you wet at the same time!  Go on, let the child in you go wild!!!




Whether it’s a small two-step slide or a huge park-style slide for the older children, most family gardens now have a slide in residence.  Check to make sure yours is safe and has no signs of wear-or-tear before challenging the kids to a slide-a-thon!

activity centre

If you have the room, an activity centre including climbing, swings and even a slide can be a great investment – there are many to chose from and remember, your children will want different activities over the coming years, so choose carefully…

space hooper

The oldies are the goodies!!! Buy a Space Hooper for the whole family and have bouncing races! But beware, they do make great ‘boofing’ tools…!!!

space hooper 2

rope swing

If you have a large and strong enough tree, a rope swing brings back memories of an old-fashioned childhood…

giant games

Why are over-sized games so much more fun than the normal size versions?!?!  Giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, giant Snakes and Ladders…the list goes on, with each more fun than the other!!!


And if all else fails, use what you have to hand – my children love nothing more than their slide splash landing into a paddling pool!

garden fun


As always, click on the image to start buying – and happy summer!

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