Technology and our children.

Does your child already help you with your smartphone or know how to find things on the internet when you struggle? We are so much more tech savvy than most of our parents and grandparents but it feels like the leap between us and what our children will know and take for granted is going ot be a huge step!  We look at some stats for children aged 3-15 and their technology use. We know that generation Y are undoubtedly and somewhat instinctively more proficient at using tech than most of their adult counterparts, however some of the collated data may still come as a surprise. Here are the key findings:

  • 72% of 12-15 year old’s own three or more media devices
  • 16% of 8-11 year old’s own five or more media devices
  • In an average week, 3-4 year old’s spend 6.5 hours on the internet
  • 18% of 5-7 year old’s have uploaded photo’s to a website
  • 51% of households with a 3-15 year old have a tablet computer compared to 7% in 2011

2014 will see a surge of tech based children’s toys entering the market in the form of tablets, smart wearable tech, enhanced play devices and even augmented reality. The overall toy market was down last year by 1% compared to 2012 however, the Youth Electronics market saw an overall increase. Are ‘Generation Y’ set to become ‘Generation Tech?’ And could technology be harming the parent-child relationship?

raising the digital generation


Research was brought together by ebuyer.


So what do you think about hte research, does it come as a surprise? Are you worried? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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