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Tanya Adams


Shamanic Practitioner


Traditional Shamanic and Holistic Therapy

  • Are you facing major life changes and choices?
  • Are you suffering from particular stresses and strains?
  • Do you feel swamped and drained by the  situations you are having to deal with?
  • Do feel you are lacking the confidence to go forward in life or energy needed to carry out key jobs, tasks and engagements?
  • Do you feel disconnected or unhappy in the place you live or work?

Unlock and Rediscover your natural energy and balance


How and why do you book a consultation?

Consultations are tailored to the individual, group or location.


Shamanic Consultations use a variety of techniques and methods to take a fresh look at what is blocking, stressing or troubling people or causing difficulties in a place.


By gaining a better understanding of our own energy, behaviour patterns and lifestyle, we can make discerning choices about how we go forward in life.  This can relieve stress and bring back energy previously lost to activities or times in our lives that are no-longer serving us today.


This can in turn benefit our health, wellbeing and even our financial situation.


Consultations can be carried out remotely or in person.   Workshop formats for Groups are also available.


Tanya Adams, Shamanic Practitioner, uses traditional shamanic techniques to help you restore your inner peace.


For more details of therapies and how they work:

Tanya Adams


Tel: 020 8133 4872

Email: pathwayfinder@mail.com

Website:  http://www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/tanya

Blog: http://pathwayfinder.wordpress.com/


And there is more……………..!


Yin Coffee Break


If you or your friends are interested in having some “Yin Time” – get in touch.  Flexibly formatted sessions to explore key topics and a great way to learn some relaxation techniques and explore how we can, and why we need more “Yin” in our daily lives.  For details on recent sessions see http://pathwayfinder.wordpress.com/


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