Tales of Middle Farm: Mabel’s Surprise, Samantha Gray, Emma Lister

On a farm up high in the Shropshire Hills lived a sister and brother called Maddie and Connor. They loved their life growning up on the farm together as there was always something going on…. So starts the first Tale of Middle Farm. Based on true events at Middle Farm in Shropshire. It tells the tale of Mabel’s Surprise as Mabel the pig prepares something magical for the two young protagonists of the story. Written by the owner of Middle Farm Samantha Gray and beautifully illustrated by Emma Lister it is a tale for non-readers and newly confident readers with a surprise that children will love!

Publisher: A Way With Media, 2013

Reviewer: Shabana Ansari

A well-written and beautifully illustrated book for children, Tales of Middle Farm: Mabel’s Surprise features Maddie and Connor, two children who live on a farm in the Shropshire Hills with their parents. The story is based on real events on Middle Farm where the Gray family lives, works and raises animals.

When Maddie notices Mabel the pig gathering straw to make a “nest”, she wonders why. The mystery is solved the next morning when Mmmy announces that Mabel has had piglets in the night.

Maddie and her younger brother Connor are excited since it is the first time piglets are born on their farm. But before the children can meet and greet the new arrivals, there are other things to be done, like going to school. After what feels like a really long day at school, Mummy finally introduces Maddie and Connor to Mabel’s little ones.

The story is simple but engaging. And the illustrations are good too. The book would make for a nice Christmas present/stocking filler for children between the ages of 5 and 8.

My son loved Mabel and her cute little piglets. And after we finished reading the book together, he began pondering on the biggest mystery of all – “Where do babies come from…..?”

8 Responses to Tales of Middle Farm: Mabel’s Surprise, Samantha Gray, Emma Lister

  1. Marjorie ERICKSEN says:

    Found this on Amazon. Quite good book and the review describes it nicely. The pictures are nice too. My daughter really liked it. Maj

  2. Vinnie Taula says:

    Looks like brilliant one for the season. Stories of little piggies and baa baa sheep are always good for the little ones.

  3. Rony Davis says:

    Seems like a nice story. Is this a good book for both boys and girls?

  4. Jade Thatcher says:

    Looks like a nice new book just in time for the holidays. Hope its under £5 for me to get one

  5. Seema Khan says:

    Nice review Shabana.Very well written.I too would like to gift my daughter this Christmas with this lovely gift as she is fond of animals.

  6. A good start Shabana. Keep it up!!!

  7. Seema Khan says:

    Nice review Shabana.Very well written.

  8. Nikhil Dixit says:

    Thanks to this review, I now know exactly what to gift my nephew for Christmas. Made my job easier. Thank you for this review. Very well written, Shabana..!!

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