Sun’s out, sunnies on! Protect children’s eyes from the harmful effects of UV light…

Out of 1,000 parents surveyed, results showed that they are twice as likely to put sunscreen on their children than make them wear sunglasses, despite the fact youngster’s eyes are more vulnerable to damage from the sun than adults.

That’s according to new research published today, which claims nearly half (46%) of those mums and dads surveyed will always apply sunscreen on a sunny day, compared with just 23% who make their kids put sunglasses on.

Estimates say up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs before the age of 18 [1], therefore it is important for parents to ensure their children wear sunglasses when outdoors to keep their eyes protected as children spend more time outside.

Children’s eyes are not yet fully developed, so they have less natural protection from the harmful effects of UV light:

o             Children’s pupils are larger than adults, meaning they let in more UV light.

o             Their crystalline lens is more transparent, meaning it is less efficient at filtering out UV.[2]

The new research, conducted on behalf of children’s eyewear brand monkey monkey®,  showed that 10% of parents surveyed said that their children never wear sunglasses. .

According to parents surveyed, more children are likely to wear sunglasses on holiday (73%) or at the weekend (66%), than wear sunglasses to school (37%).

Additional Information

  • When buying children’s sunglasses, parents should buy a reputable brand to ensure the sunglasses meet the EU product requirements for sunglasses. Price, brand and quality of sunglasses are incredibly important.
  • 13% of children whose parents took the survey said they weren’t allowed to wear sunglasses at school, but 39% could wear them for outdoor breaks, 28% for outdoor sport activities and 34% to and from school.
  • 22% of surveyed parents think children should wear sunglasses from when they’re babies (0-2) but 38% think from 3-6 years old is a more suitable age
  • 48%of parents surveyed said the likelihood of their children wearing sunglasses more often is if they like the style, but for 68% comfort and fit is more important.
  • 84% of parents surveyed revealed they do worry about their children’s eye protection when it’s bright outside.59% of parents that were surveyed said that their children do protest to wearing sunglasses outside on a sunny day
  • When asked what other items of sun protection they use, 78% of parents said their children wear hats, 77% wear sunscreen and 52% stay in the shade.

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