Summer in Britain

Have your summer holidays gone the same way as mine…?!?!

  • In a flash
  • expensive days out at theme parks including queuing for over half the time there
  • swatting away wasps at every outdoor eating event
  • packing and unpacking for what seems like the thousands of people that must have come on holiday with us (surely I didn’t pack all of that for just the four of us?!)

how-brits-holiday-2 (2)

  • long car journeys with the inevitable “are we there yet?” from the backseats
  • new school uniform and shoe shopping (eye wateringly expensive and harder work than the January sales!)
  • typical wet and windy weather while on our UK break (but the kids loved it!)
  • playdates with friends (who end up falling out with eachother by home time)
  • slightly sunburnt nose and shoulder blades (I know, I know…)
  • hundreds of photos capturing the summer fun, never to see the light of day again (unless already posted on Facebook!)…

how-brits-holiday-1 (2)

Yes, I’m pretty sure our school summer holiday has been featured in many a household around the country – and is likely to be repeated in a similar manner again next year!!!

So hurry up September, lets get this month started and begin the countdown to summer 2016!!!

For the ultimate guide to How The British Do Holidays holiday visit – I promise you will laugh out loud and see more than just a few recognisable characteristics!!

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