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Do you hang stockings up ready for Father Christmas in your house? For the whole family or just the little ones? Here are a few gift ideas to help fill your stockings this festive season!



Always a winner no matter what age the recipient! From a festive Toblerone, chocolate orange or a chocolate Santa, there are so many options to choose from! What about retro sweets as something a bit different?



Everyone (especially if they are male!) gets socks for Christmas, balled up they can make a great toe filling for the stocking! From funny festive designs to designer socks whatever you decide on don’t miss them out!



For the little ones, whatever they are into from Mickey Mouse to Ben 10 there are lots of little figures out there which can make great stocking fillers.


Cookies, cakes or candy canes

From home made cookies to candy canes with personal messages attached you can create a very personalised gift perfectly no matter who or what age the recipient! Plus if you go home made you could save a bit too! However if you go for a cupcake or something squishy make sure it is at the top of the stocking, or use Tupperware!


Teddy Bear

From a festive themed elf to a cute little bear holding a message of love, there are lots of cute and cuddly gifts out there that would fit perfectly into a stocking!



More for the teenagers and grown-ups, there are smellies galore at Christmas from your fave perfume or after shave to sets with bath salts, body lotions, deodrants and soaps.



From hats and gloves to tops and skirts, folded carefully or rolled these can create some great shapes to keep the recipient guessing and everyone loves new clothes!



From boxed puzzles for the little ones to 3d wooden puzzles to keep the adults entertained too, these can be great fun to keep everyone engrossed whilst the turkey is in the oven.


Gift cards 

Struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, well why not let them choose their own! You can buy gift cards for individual stores or lots of shopping centres offer gift cards for multiple stores within them! Perfect for that difficult to buy for relative.



If you are feeling extravagant every lady loves to get some jewellery for Christmas and amidst lots of small presents within the stocking it would be the last place you expect to find a gorgeous gift! Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!



Golf balls for the adults, marbles and bouncy balls for the smaller ones. They may be able to guess what it is but they are still fun!



Top Trumps, happy families or playing cards. Great little stocking filler whatever age you are.



Lovely scented candle for mum, to help her relax and you can even get festive scents too!


Cars, trains, boats and planes

For the little boys in your family, whatever they love, Hotwheels, Thomas, Scaletrex or Disney there are lots of little stocking fillers to be had in this category!


Creative sets

From crayons and colouring books to stickers and glitter sets. There are lots of packs and sets you can get to keep the kids (and adults!) entertained before dinner!


CD’s, DVD’s, Books and Computer games

All around the same size and perfect to fit in a stocking. Lots of choice from babies to grandparents you can find something for everyone under this category.


Hair bands and make up

Depending on the age of the recipient, you can get gorgeous hairbands and shimmering accessories for the little ones to favourite brand cosmetics for the adults another great stocking filler!


Personalised vouchers

A bit of fun and the cheapest gift of all to purchase, from a promise of washing up for a week to making mum a cup of tea in bed every weekend for a month. Whatever you promise write it down on a personalised voucher for the recipient.



Lots of board games have a travel version or some games for little ones such as the Shopping list game are in small enough boxes to fit in a stocking!


Vouchers for an experience

Driving a fast car or a spa break, afternoon tea or a trip on the London Eye or to the theatre, whatever experience your loved one would like you are bound to be able to get a voucher or tickets for it.



Definitely not for the little ones! Whatever your favourite tipple there are always gift sets around for Christmas from Baileys with truffles to whiskey with a shot glass, there is a wide selection out in time for Christmas especially as they also make a great sectret santa present!



Duplo, Lego or Playmobile there are lots of sets available in small boxes which could be perfect for your little one and will fit in your stocking too!


We hope we have given you some great gift ideas to inspire your stockings – we expect no reports back of a Satsuma in a stocking this year with all these suggestions!

Have you got a great idea? Share your perfect stocking filler with us below:




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