Still Waters, Katie Flynn

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An irresistible love story set around the airfields of Norfolk during World War Two from the bestselling Katie Flynn writing as Judith Saxton

Living on the edge of the beautiful Norfolk Broads with her father, the only ripple in Tess Delamere’s calm life is the disturbing dream about her dead mother which haunts her.

She yearns to know more but the arrival of a new stepmother heralds the end of Tess’s hopes that her father might divulge the past.

As she grows up, Tess slowly starts to put together the pieces herself. But the outbreak of war brings tragedy and upheaval, changing Tess’s priorities.

Mal Chandler has travelled the length and breadth of Australia with his feckless father and weary mother. Now, the war brings Mal to England as a pilot for the RAF – and into Tess’s world.

Publisher:  Arrow, Feb 2014

Reviewer:  Klaudia Khan

The stage is set as for a perfect Cinderella story: there is a little girl living happily with her widowed father, and a woman intent on marrying him, but the jealousy over his daughter would prevent her from becoming a good stepmother. There is no fairy godmother in sight, but the girl is just too resolute to succumb to her stepmother’s viciousness. And what is more, when we get to know the prospective Prince Charming, it appears as if he might be the one who needs saving… The plot is not as predictable as it might appear at the beginning, and as we follow its twists and turns we just become more and more engrossed in the story. It is hard to put it down, so make sure you allow yourself lots of leisure time for this deliciously chunky page-turner!

The novel ‘Still Waters’ by Katie Flynn is a pleasure to read. Set in the Norfolk village and in Australia in the 1930’s/ 40’s, it pictures a world that might be unknown, but yet appears so real as if we knew it firsthand. The characters are portrayed vividly and it’s easy to sympathise with them. From the beginning we feel for little Tess, who is disturbed by the nightmares hiding a secret from the past. But she soon turns out to be deserving admiration for her sensibility, courage and great heart.

I truly enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I didn’t like was its cover. I felt there was more depth to the story than the cover photograph might suggest. So don’t judge this book by the cover. Judge it by other readers’ pleasure!

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