St George, Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer

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In a world infested with monsters intent on harassing the citizenry and scaring the livestock, you need an efficient Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment. George, a vertically challenged and impoverished knight in rusty armour, would appear a poor choice were it not for the fact that, during his travels in the Austrian Tyrol, he discovered a cake with the miraculous power to tame monsters. Suddenly, and for the first time in his life, George is in demand. Elevated to ministerial position by King Freddie and Prime Minister Merlin, George becomes famous, while remaining (sadly) impoverished, and wittingly or otherwise has a hand in improving international relations with France, creating the first trade union, repelling a Scottish invasion and defining the number of players in a cricket team. This sharp and witty satirical comedy, filled with comic caricatures and disgruntled dignitaries and set in a time-we have-all-=forgot will appeal to young people and adults alike.

Publisher: Book Guild Publishing, Sept 2015

Reviewer: Derek Eaton

Looking at the design of the front cover and with thoughts of stories about Knights, Wizards and Monsters I tried this book out on a ten year old but soon realized it is more complex. It is a satire of current living, applied to a fictional period in our past history. I found some of the comic ideas difficult to understand and sometimes frivolous. I must learn to read the back cover first, as this explained the book is a satirical comedy aimed at [well-informed] adults, young and old. I think more for the young adult than the old.


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