Spring has sprung!

Well this week as been pretty much ‘the normal’ in my household…

Hubby at work every day, boys at preschool for a couple of mornings, me at work during that time, playdates with friends, bit of cleaning around the house, spot of gardening…hold on, gardening?!?!  Yes, gardening!  Spring seems to have finally sprung!

Oh the joys!  Not needing to wear 3 layers every time you leave the house; winter hats, gloves & scarves can be put away till next year; heating can go off (well, certainly be turned down!); no need for those glamorous bed socks anymore; daffodils opening their heads with a glorious glow!  Oh, how I love spring!

So yesterday I let the boys loose in the garden.  Throughout winter when we have been playing outside we have usually headed to our local playground & park.  Mostly because I can’t stand to look at the bombsite that has become our back garden!  Like many, we have lost a few fence panels during the now infamous storms of winter, fence panels that we have yet to replace.  To my nearly 3 year old twins, this means escape routes!  Other peoples gardens to explore!  And even better if those gardens have also lost fence panels – more gardens to claim as ours!

What makes our garden even more of a state is that in autumn we decided to cut a huge willow tree down.  It was far too big & too near to the house to be safe, made a huge mess & blocked a lot of natural light out of our kitchen – so it had to go.  Unfortunately, at least half of it is now in a huge pile at the top of the garden, waiting to be shoved into the recycling bins – a job that is backbreaking & a job that no matter how many times you fill the bin, the pile does not seem to get any smaller!

Every time I ask my husband to come & help me start this huge tidy up, he reminds me that a) he doesn’t like gardening b) he told me that when we chose to buy this house & c) it was me that wanted the tree chopping down, not him!  You can imagine what help I get from him!

Anyway, the boys had a great time rediscovering lost toys, finding plantpots filled with water to play with, digging in the oh-so-discusting sand pit, while I started on the mamouth clear up…

So, as this weekend is due to bring us beautiful, mild, spring weather, will I be back getting stuck in with the clearing & tidying?  Will I heck!  We’re off to Whipsnade Zoo tomorrow!  Gotta make the most of this weather while it lasts…!!!

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