Spring cleaning

It’s that time of year, time for the big spring clean…


I love a clear out!  Yes, I’m one of ‘those people’ – my friends think I’m mad, my husband gets fed up of me tidying around him, but it’s an obsession and I love it!


Spring brings the time to clear out the winter wardrobe, bringing summer clothes out from their hiding place in the loft.  Lists are made of items needed (and just wanted!) and out I go, shopping spree galore!  It’s even better now that I have children to buy for too!


But spring cleaning the house, not quite such fun…more of a necessity…I think its pretty obvious that I love tidying and organising, not so keen on the cleaning, so any product that makes it quicker and easier is usually found in my cleaning cupboard!


Wiping kitchen cupboards down (tip: I use window cleaner to get them streak free), washing duvets and pillows, vacuuming curtains and mattresses – they aren’t your everyday quick clean-around.  They take planning and effort!


But oh, the quiet joy when you have your house sparkling!


Time4Sleep recently carried our research and found that 57% of us are severely at risk of dust mites due to differing hygiene habits!  Not something that any of us want to hear (click here for their findings) and I’m sure reading this you are all starting to feel itchy just thinking about it!


And as for office cleaning, well, I’d get the professionals in for this one!  No one wants to volunteer for this job!


So grab your Marigolds, buy a new feather duster, go tackle those boring jobs…then light a gorgeous smelling candle, treat your hands to a luxurious hand cream and sit back in your fresh-smelling arm chair with a cuppa and biscuit – spring clean done until the same time next year!

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