Spring clean your make-up bag

There’s nothing like a good spring clean, but it’s not just your house that may need a good clear out; how long have you had that blue eye shadow in your make-up bag?! What about that body lotion lurking in your bathroom? A lot of people keep skincare and makeup way past their use by date but old products are a breeding ground for bacteria which you are then transferring to your skin

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Follow Skincare Expert & Facial Therapist Amanda Elias’ DO’s and DON’Ts to ensure a clean beauty cabinet this Spring.

  • DO use a marker pen to note the date you’ve open the product. Most skincare products only have the months in which they should be discarded after use rather than an actual date. By noting the date you’ll know when to discard it if left unused.
  • DON’T keep make-up or skincare “for best” because there’s a good chance they’ll pass their expiry date before you use them. If you’ve splurged, reap the benefits by using your products regularly and while they’re at their optimum
  • DO follow the life expectancy of cosmetics;
    • Mascara – 3 months
    • Liquid foundation and concealer – 12-18 months.
    • Lipstick and Gloss – 2 years for lipstick and 1 year for gloss. A good sign that a lip product has gone off is that it can leave the lips irritated or tingly
    • Nail Varnish – 2 years. If the product separates and doesn’t combine when you shake it, it’s time to replace it
    • Eye and lip pencils – as these are sharpened you are constantly removing any bacteria so they should last for at least 2 years
    • Powders such as Eyeshadow, Blusher and face powder generally last 2 years, if you notice the product is dryer than it used to be, replace
  • DON’T ignore your make-up brushes; these should be cleaned once a week. I like to clean my foundation brush daily as bacteria can grow quickly. My tip is to clean my foundation brush and an extra brush every time I put my make-up on, which guarantees all the brushes I use are always clean and free from bacteria

If you’ve bought make-up and skincare within the last 6 months that you don’t like or use, why not have a swapping party with your friends? There’s a good chance they’ve also got recently purchased, unused products in their make-up bag or beauty cabinet – I’d love to have a swap party with Vicky at Mojomums; our resident make-up fanatic! – I’m sure I’d come away with some great products!

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For any skincare or make-up products or accessories that are in great condition but aren’t being used, why not donate them to this worthy cause? http://www.giveandmakeup.com

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