Soothe your little ones all year round

Although cold and flu season technically ends as we enter spring, these common viruses unfortunately do lurk around all year round. In fact a study found that one in three Brits will suffer from a summer cold.  Unfortunately, with children tending to carry more of the virus for longer, our little ones are most likely to catch a cold even though the weather is getting warmer.

Summer colds can tend to be more intense than winter colds due to a family of viruses called enteroviruses which have a preference for warmer weather. Symptoms can include runny nose, nasal congestion and a nasty cough. Coughs and colds often come hand in hand, as coughs can develop from a cold when mucus trickles down the back of the throat causing irritation and coughing.

While coughs can be uncomfortable and irritating, sometimes even keeping babies and children up at night, it seems that parents normally don’t think it warrants a trip to the doctor – with a recent survey by Nelson’s Sootha revealing that over one third (38%) of  us do not take our child to the GP with a cough.

Nicola Joseph, registered health visitor, has these top tips to help relieve children over 12 months from the symptoms of a mild cough at home:

  • Make sure the room that your child sleeps in is a comfortable temperature, you don’t want them getting either too hot or too  cold.
  • Try some steam therapy by sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower running. Your little one breathing in the steam will help clear airways. Always make sure that you take care around hot water.
  • Keep your baby/child upright for periods of time to help move mucus.
  • Try using a humidifier to help soften the air in the room.
  • Try to help your child get lots of rest to recover.
  • Increase, or at least keep up, their fluids.
  • Give your little one lots and lots of cuddles to encouraging smiling and positivity.
  • If symptoms worse or increase seek help from a GP.

There are many over the counter cough remedies that can help to bring relief to coughs for children and of which Nelsons Sootha is one.

If you have a top tip to help settle a little one with a cough or cold we’d love to hear it.



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