#Smear for Smear – Cervical Cancer prevention

The focus of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (25-31 January 2015) is on all things to do with cervical cancer including information about symptoms and causes of the disease, ways to prevent it and support.

Smear tests (cervical screening) save 5,000 lives a year yet one in five women who are eligible to attend do not take up their invitation. For young women aged 25-29 this rises to one in three.

Every day in the UK,  8 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3 women will lose their lives to the disease. Cervical cancer is largely preventable thanks to cervical screening and the HPV vaccination programme. However uptake of cervical screening is now going down year on year. Early detection is also important in increasing survival rates and so educating everyone on the disease, its symptoms and ways to prevent it is key.

smear for smear


Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust was founded in 1999 and aims to improve the lives of those affected by cervical cancer and to work towards a future where cervical cancer is a thing of the past.

Their #SmearForSmear campaign allows you to remind people of the importance of smear tests by sharing your lipstick smear selfie and nominating your friends to do the same.  Mojomums support this campaign fully and urge you to do the same…

For more information visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Facebook page or Jo’s Trust

Mojomums allows all of our team to take time off work to have their smear test – read more here and ask your employer to follow our lead.





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