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We know that getting kids settled into a routine is never easy, but as another school year starts this can be a difficult time to get that bedtime routine settled. Are you having problems with your child sleeping? If so Mojomums maybe able to offer some help.


We’ve teamed up with sleep expert Maryanne Taylor from Child Sleep Works to help any mum who needs some advice on how to get there little one off for a good nights sleep. Maryanne will be taking over our Facebook group next Wednesday between 8 and 9.30pm and she will be answering as many questions as she can. So if you have something to ask make sure you go to Mojomums group on Facebook Wednesday 11th September and ask away!


Here is a little bit of information on Maryanne:




Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Maryanne now live in North London with her husband and 3 young children. Having had a baby with severe reflux which caused significant sleep problems for some time, she understands first-hand how a lack of sleep can impact on the whole family! From this point, Maryanne started to develop a keen interest in sleep issues in children, and eventually decided on a career in helping other tired families get the sleep they need.

Maryanne became a Gentle Sleep Coach,  training under Kim West (The Sleep Lady®) in the US.  This programme involves over 50 hours of training, an exam and participation in on-going advanced training.  She chose this training programme as it was the most extensive, and the ethos of gentle sleep techniques appealed to her.  Maryanne has also completed advanced training with the International Maternity Institute to become a Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant.

Maryanne is a member of the British Sleep Society and the International Association for Sleep Consultants.

As well as seeing clients, Maryanne also delivers many sleep workshops and talks; writes articles about children’s sleep, and is a regular contributor on various social media sites.

Maryanne believes that encouraging a child to learn the skill of falling asleep independently and the ability to resettle themselves to sleep is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child (and themselves!).  Each family’s requirements are different when it comes to sleep coaching, not least because all children are different and sleep problems can be caused by any number of issues at any stage of childhood.  Through care, love and gentle methods, Maryanne works with parents to help their child – and indeed themselves – get the sleep they need.

For more information about Child Sleeps Works visit their website:

We look forward to hearing from you next Wednesday on Facebook.


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