Simple And Stylish Ways To Add A Bespoke Touch To Your Interior Design

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Homeowners often dream about having a home that reflects their tastes, and this is why adults in the UK are spending a bit more to make their space their own. According to research, British homeowners are spending £83 billion on home improvements every year, with each individual spending a little over £3,000 on renovations and furnishings. Having a customised design not only improves a home’s aesthetics, but it also enables you to maximise your space and tailor your home to your family’s lifestyle and habits. To liven up the look of your abode, here are a few simple and stylish ways to add a bespoke touch to your interior design.

Improve your storage

Most people think that storing items in crates or storage bins is the answer to make their homes more organised. However, having lots of plastic bins or storage boxes lying around can make your home feel cluttered, as these items can take up a lot of precious floor space. Instead of using big containers, opt to have furniture with built-in storage. Look for a bed frame that has drawers underneath for storing blankets, bedding and spare towels, or perhaps a bench that has built-in shelves for shoes and slippers. If you can’t find the right kind of furniture at the store, try designing it yourself and have it professionally made. Made CNC states that precision cutting can meet the nuance of a homeowner’s vision, which is the key to achieving a beautiful, functional space that will stand the test of time. 

Upgrade your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places that most people take for granted, especially if everything in it is still in good working order. However, if you want to start making a change in your decor, why not start with the bathroom? Transforming your bathroom can give you ideas on how to improve other parts of your home, and starting with a small project means that you don’t have to spend a lot on this initial job. Swap out your basic tiles for patterned ones, or perhaps something in a dark colour for a dramatic effect. Paint the walls in a coordinating shade and hang up one to two pieces of small artwork once the paint dries. Next, replace the sink with one in a different shape and finish – a round sink with a concrete finish is different, and gives a fresh feel to the space. Change up the lights and install recessed lighting overhead; then install sconces on each side of your bathroom mirror for an elegant touch.

Think of how your family uses the space before decorating

Creating spaces with function in mind will make a home more enjoyable for everyone living in it. So before picking new furniture or wallpaper, think about the way your family uses the space to make sure that everyone can utilise that place in comfort. For instance, if your children prefer to play in their bedroom, you can replace their regular bed with a cabin bunk to give them more floor space for playing. And if you do a lot of paperwork or if you frequently use your laptop in the kitchen, you can incorporate an office nook into your kitchen by placing a desk under a cabinet. You can also install floating shelves over a desk, and place books, a small, framed piece of artwork, and perhaps a mini succulent or two on it to personalise your kitchen office nook. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the space works for you. 

Transform your home to reflect your taste and to improve functionality for the whole family. Try these tips to create a bespoke home that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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