Sibyl, Simon Sloane (ebook)

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When a never-wrong artificial intelligence announces her inventor’s death within twenty-four hours, tech entrepreneur Hugo Hyde and his team are forced to seek refuge with their fiercest rival, a ruthless billionaire with his own designs on their invention.
As Hyde attempts to unveil the traitor, powerful forces conspire against him in a manic race for control of quantum computing, a groundbreaking technology bound to change our future. Soon, Hyde realises that mastery of science is not enough to escape from a cesspool of betrayal, greed and jealousy.

Publisher: Sloane Marketing, June 2014

Reviewer: Nadine Matheson

If you’re looking for a book of pure escapism and high octane adventure then Sibyl is the book for you. You do not need to have a degree in quantum physics to understand what is going on in this sci-fi thriller.   We are introduced to the main character, Hugo Hyde, the creator of an artificial intelligence programme, called Sibyl, when he is about to deliver a press conference.  Sibyl had successfully been predicting predict future events, however, for six weeks she was silent. The adventure begins when in the middle of a press conference; Sibyl predicts the death of her own creator Hugo Hyde. Almost, immediately afterwards, Sibyl deletes the data of a billion devices worldwide in what is thought to be an unprecedented cyber attack

When Hyde’s friend, Khaled, is framed for the attack, the course is set for, literally, a worldwide chase. This is a sci-fi thriller that takes place in a world that does not seem beyond our reach as Simon Sloane covers familiar topics such as terrorist attacks, big business, drug trafficking and even the superficial world of fame and celebrity.

Sibyl is an enjoyable read and despite the subject matter of ‘quantum physics ‘and ‘artificial intelligence’ this is a book that will not hurt your brain. Throw in murder, mystery, romance, corrupt billionaires, amoral politicians and enough plot twists to keep you on your toes and you have all the ingredients for a classic summer read.





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