Should working mums have Christmas day off?

If you work in an environment that means you may have to work on Christmas Day are there any ‘unwritten rules’ about parents having this day off?

working at xmas

This became a hot topic of conversation in the Mojomums office this week.  Should fellow team mates allow their colleagues who have young families to have this special time off or should the day be shared on a rota-style system?

I have many friends and family who work in such environments and whether they have children or not, pretty much everyone agrees that they don’t want to have to work on Christmas day.

Those with children don’t want to miss them waking up, seeing if Santa has been and opening their presents – and a few that I have spoken to say that they actually begrudge their colleagues who do have the day off; especially those that don’t have children and who aren’t going to miss “the magic of seeing my kid’s faces on Xmas morning”.

Those without children seem split in two; some who are happy to swap shifts with a mum or dad, “It’s not really a day I worry about, we’ll just celebrate and swap presents when I see my parents the following day” and those who say “Christmas day is special for everyone.  Just because I don’t have my own children does not mean that I don’t look forward to that day too – I’m spending it with my nephews and I can’t wait!” and also one friend who said “I get fed up with the working mums in my team always ‘needing’ time off for their kids – taking up all the leave over the summer holidays or swapping shifts because they don’t want to miss putting them to bed.  You have chosen this career, so you should have to take the hours as they come, the same as all of the non-parents do and that includes working Christmas if it is your turn to work it.  I am not making excuses, but surely it is fair that our whole team takes turns to work the holidays?”

So Mojomums, over to you…what do you think?  Do you have to work on Christmas day this year?  Have you worked on this day previously and is it your ‘turn’ to have the day off?  We would love to hear from you…

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