Shops and cafes fail to impress parents

Supermarkets and fast food chains win hands down when it comes to easiest places to shop and eat with pre-schoolers

Research released today by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), reveals the differences in how parents of pre-school children believe the high street in Britain is failing them.

Supermarket sweep for family friendly shopping
60% of parents of young children agree that shops are not doing enough to make the shopping experience family friendly.

Eight in ten parents (81%) said supermarkets are the easiest type of shop to visit with young children. Other shops scored far lower with toy shops coming second, almost 50 percentage points behind. Parents look for shops offering baby changing facilities (74%), toilet facilities (72%), larger parking spaces (72%), trolleys with child seats (71%), and child friendly staff (57%).

Parents say fast food restaurants are most suited to families
Perhaps it’s a surprise that on a weekly basis, British parents eat out more frequently with their young children (23%) than French (9%) or German (12%) parents.

Almost two thirds (64%) of British parents eat out in fast food restaurants with their young children, and two thirds of those said they suit their needs (42%). Next for meeting their needs are chain restaurants, such as Pizza Express (21%) and supermarket cafes (13%).

Coffee shops, cafes and pubs need to do more for families
Although half (50%) of parents take their children to coffee shops in Britain, only 7% feel they suit their needs. It’s a similar story for pubs:  44% take their children to eat in pubs, only 12% say they are convenient for pre-school kids.

Coffee shops, cafes and restaurants that don’t offer facilities for families with young children risk missing out on business. In this survey, the majority of parents (59%) told us they have taken their pre-school age children to a restaurant specifically because of the family friendly facilities it provides.

So how should our coffee shops, cafes and restaurants adapt to be more family friendly? Parents have simple needs. Their top five requests are:

1.    A special children’s menu (84%)

2.    Children’s entertainment i.e. crayons and colouring book at the table (79%)

3.    High chairs or booster seats (74%)

4.    Baby changing facilities (71%)

5.    Child friendly staff (70%).

So we ask what you think about this research, do you agree and leave the high street in favour of a large all under one oof supermarket? Do you find fast food restaurants better with little ones rahter than pubs and resturants?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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