Shocking things mums know about their teens – that they think are a secret

Sneaking out past curfew or spending your lunch money on chocolate – most of us will pull the wool over our parents’ eyes once or twice growing up.

But, as the UK’s family stem cell bank has seen, some mums are wise to their offsprings’ secrets – even those which are shocking and surprising.

  • A sneaky fourteen-year-old who think she’s pulled the wool over her mother’s eyes would have a shock if she knew that her secret boyfriend was not so secret. “I’ve spotted them out and about together – but she would be so embarrassed if I knew,” the mother of the lovestruck teen laughed.
  • However, more worryingly, one mother said she was well aware of her teenage daughter’s drinking, adding that while her wily teen thought she was being subtle upon her return home, the swaying and slurred speech had given her away. The exasperated mother added: “I don’t want to confront her because at least I know she’s coming home – if she tried to start hiding it more by staying over at a friend’s, I’d be more concerned.”
  • One sweet tale was shared by a mother who said she knew her son was gay – but was giving him the space he needed to come out. “I couldn’t be happier,” she added, but said that she wanted to ensure there was no pressure on him to talk to her about it if he didn’t want to.
  • Think your parents don’t know about your hidden ink? Think again! One disapproving mother has caught a glimpse of the tattoo her son has valiantly attempted to hide from her, but says she ‘wouldn’t want to cause an argument’ by bringing it up.
  • A thought that would strike fear into the hearts of many a young person – their parents having access to their internet habits. But for one unlucky teen, her mother knows exactly what she’s up to, after glimpsing her username on a popular forum. “I try not to check it because I believe in trusting her,” her mum confessed, “but sometimes the curiosity gets the best of me!”
  • One wily teenage girl may think she’s managed to hide her expensive habit of taking taxis to school when it’s raining from her mum – but mum knows best, thanks to the taxi firm’s app being linked to her bank card.
  • Many parents would be disappointed to find out their offspring had taken up smoking – and a crestfallen mum found out the hard way, by finding a lighter in her son’s laundry basket. “He thinks he’s managed to cover the smell with cheap aftershave, but it’s obvious,” she added.
  • One worried mum has kept quiet about finding her daughter’s fake ID used for getting into nightclubs – despite only being fifteen years old. “It concerns me, of course – but the forgery is so bad I think it’s only a matter of time before she’s caught and learns a hard lesson.”

Anna Edwards, spokesperson, said:

“Children often think they’re pulling the wool over their parents’ eyes when, in reality, their parents are painfully aware of what their little ones are up to. It can be quite shocking for parents to learn that their once sweet youngster is now almost an adult – and it’s natural to worry about their safety and health.

“But most of us will also remember being a child or teen ourselves, and the things that we in turn hoped our parents didn’t know; a little discretion can go a long way and avoid your child becoming defensive or secretive. Encouraging honesty and openness in your family will make a huge difference when your child needs a listening ear or some parental advice – but unless your child is in danger, turning a blind eye can often give them room to learn as they navigate the world.”

So over to you Mojomums – do you have any words of wisdom to help teen parents negotiate these pre-adult years?



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