School’s expectations on Parents.


Is it just me who sometimes feels a bit inadequate as a parent?

When it comes to Bethany’s school – which I think is great by the way! I often feel like I am not doing enough! There is constantly a PTA meeting or a governor needed, help at the school fete or help with library needed. I work I can’t do most of these things.

Even when it comes to everyday things at the school, remember sun cream must be applied every morning before school, remember the sun hat oh and the rain coat, library and reading books every Monday. Then for the school fete – teddy bears on one day, cups filled with sweets and goodies another day, cakes and bottles the next – and if the cupboards are bare bring in a pound! Then there is the non-uniform day before the school fete. Then there is the gift for teacher at the end of year/Christmas, school productions, school trips, sports day……

The list is never ending of things I have to remember, pay for or take time off of work to attend! Now I know I sound like I am moaning and I don’t mean to as I adore watching Bethany say one line in a play or running (OK walking fast whilst looking round to see who is watching – she takes after her mother when it comes to PE!) in a race on Sports Day. It is the best thing ever to see your little one do something like that, the pride is just incredible! The elbows come out to fight for my place on the front row. The phone is out for video and photos, I mean I am pretty ridiculous! But the pressure on parents to just get their child into school every day is more than I had any idea about!

Stanley 2

Last weekend I had the school cat (toy not real – thank god!) which we had to take pictures of all weekend and then complete pages to put into a book. Now fortunately we had plans to go to the school fate and the zoo – so we look like super parents! But then I had to put everything together and get it printed out to take into school. These things take time and so the expectation to take it in on MONDAY morning I think was a little too much – hence Bethany’s late homework arrived on Wednesday morning – after three printer attempts!!!!

Then there was the whole walk to school thing. The school were encouraging healthy living and walking to school rather than driving, if you did this once a week you got a badge. Now this is all well and good for those that live close, but firstly our walk to school from home would be 30 mins, plus how would I get to work afterwards? One girl in Bethany’s class lives opposite the school so her walk to school is shorter than ours from the car. Therefore is it wrong that I encouraged my child to adapt the truth and tell her teacher we parked further away and walked in from there? Not technically a lie – we were a couple of spaces further down so surely that’s OK? Bethany got her badge anyway so she was happy and I still got to work – so we are all winners!

I guess I am just warning those parents who are overjoyed to be getting their child into school for a bit of freedom whilst they are there, be warned. It isn’t as easy as buying their uniform and shipping them off each morning, there is a lot more to deal with. You need to decide which one of “those” mums you are going to be, the helper and PTA extraordinaire. The running in late every day and avoiding eye contact with anyone mum. The like to help but far too busy mum. The rushing in with more than one child mum who just wants to get the school run done mum. The waving until their little one is in the classroom and still not wanting to say goodbye mum, there are lot of different types of mums out there!

It is a lot more hard work keeping up with all the school activities and that is without clubs and things to contend with yet! I guess if you do the morning and afternoon school run it means you don’t miss anything but for us working mums, it isn’t that easy! So despite the pressure of turning up for events and stocking the tombola for the fete and remembering the books on the right day. I have to say, it is all worth it in the end!




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