School Holiday Ideas

What will you be doing to keep the kids entertained?  Here are a few suggestions.

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Day trips – Obviously it is the busiest time of year for theme parks, farms, zoos etc. So plan your day, find a map online, find show times and activity times and that way you are prepared and ensure you get to see everything you want to despite queues. Don’t forget to take something to keep them entertained during long queue’s, a book, a DS or even eye spy, it’ll stop the “are we nearly there yet” and “I’m bored” comments! Also don’t forget the wet weather gear just in case!

Do your homework – Farms for example can charge a small admission fee and have lots of animals, others can charge a much larger fee but can have indoor play and activities to keep the children entertained all day and cater for wet weather. Work out hours v’s budget a higher entrance fee might seem like it isn’t worth it, but if it keeps them entertained all day it may well be worth the extra few pounds.

Museums – many are free including the Science museum and Natural History museum, now I know train fares can be expensive (although children under 5 are free), however if you are going up to London on a Sunday there is no congestion charge and parking restrictions are reduced so you can often find parking spaces on the main road, so why not drive to cut costs further.

Parks or walks in the woods – There are lots of parks with different apparatus. Obviously if the weather is awful they potentially can’t use the swings and slides at all! But with waterproofs and wellies they can enjoy jumping in puddles for ages at the local park or woods! Sorry mums not so much fun for us!

Local shopping centres – often offer activities during school holidays, why not check your local centres website to see what they have on and see if there are any charges before you go.

Home – Now I know staying in can be boring, but why not get out those messy activities that you dread but do them in the garage or shed or with a bit plastic sheet to shield your carpet! Paints, play doh, sticking and glitter whatever it is as they don’t do it every day it may keep them entertained for a little longer!

Cinema – Trips to the cinema can cost a fortune, but check your local cinema to see if they do Kids weekend, our local Vue cinema does a 10am showing on a Saturday and Sunday and it is £1.75 per adult or child. Plus they do a little popcorn and drink package for about £3. So actually it doesn’t have to cost the earth, however there is only usually one film to see so you may have to plan this activity to ensure they get to see something they want to see.

Home Cinema – Why not set up the living room as a cool cinema, bring down the duvets shut the curtains, get the sweets and popcorn or whichever snack you want your child to have and make it a fun experience, you can even get the torches out for shadow puppets before the film starts.

Play dates – Simply inviting friends round can keep them entertained in their own home with their own toys and there is no cost, in fact there is an added benefit of either adult company whilst the kids play or even an afternoon off  if the mum of the friend returns the favour!

Different activities – whatever your child is into start looking for related activities now, so sites like Disney have colouring in and making activities as well as online games. Get downloading and printing now so you have an activity up your sleeve for that rainy afternoon.

Baking – you can have great fun in the kitchen making cakes and cookies, from simple rice krispie cakes to proper iced numbers whatever your level of expertise you can still have fun baking!

Go somewhere different – sometimes just going to a different park, or shopping centre or farm can mean the kids are kept engrossed for a little bit longer.


Hope you enjoy the holidays with the kids and if you have any great ideas for keeping the little ones entertained  let us know in the comments section!


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