Sassy Bloom gift box

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What they say:
Perfect for any new or expecting mum, a Sassy Bloom box really shows that you care.

The recipient will receive a fun filled Sassy Bloom Gift Box especially catered to their pregnancy or baby’s age and stage of development, guaranteed to bring a smile to the whole family. Leave it to the experts at Sassy Bloom to deliver the very best baby gift for you. They offer a one off box or 3 month, 6 month or annual subscription.

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What you get:

So I got sent a neutral box of goodies as I hadn’t found out the sex of the baby and this is what it contained:

sassy bloom

A Cuddle mitt – basically a really soft wash mitt to wash a new born baby in a cream colour.

A Belle Belly – a stretchy band you wear around your tummy so you can lift your top up to breast feed without it all hanging out the bottom. A good idea for those breast feeding especially if they have a jelly belly like I do! I do wonder if you would get hot wearing it if it were summer though?

Sock on’s in white – They are little stretchy bands that go on over socks to keep them on.

Mam anti colic bottle and a Mam dummy

Nipple cream

Waterbaby pregnancy care Cranberry drink – a spring water drink

Kaloo  – a sweet brown bunny with a  green body which came in a lovely round box.

What do I think:

I think the presentation is lovely, I love the bunny it is my favourite item and is really cute and so well presented it is a lovely gift on its own. The Belle Belly and Nipple cream aren’t for me as I am not breast feeding but the Mam bottle and dummy are great. The cuddle mitt is really useful to and so soft for bathtime. The cranberry water wasn’t really for me either (as I don’t like cranberries) Also the sock on’s I am not a huge fan of – I had them for Bethany and I don’t think they look very nice so I’d rather have to out her socks on more often than put her in them!

I think the concept of useful baby bits put together in a lovely box and posted out is a great idea, however I have to say I am not sure who I would I would buy this for. I don’t’ think it is personal enough for me to get for a friend as I would rather buy individual items that were personal. I think it could be a nice thing for a colleague perhaps, however with items like nipple cream in there it could be a bit “personal!”

Best bit:

The gorgeous Kaloo bunny in it’s own box.

Worst bit:

Nipple cream – it’s not for me!

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2 Responses to Sassy Bloom gift box

  1. Katy says:

    LOVE SASSY BLOOM!! Highly reccomended

  2. Sara says:

    I received a Sassy Bloom box as a gift for my baby from a friend. I really looked forward to receiving my Sassy Bloom box every month – so I joined myself and have loved every single box that I have received for Ben. I also now purchase Sassy Bloom for others as I really believe it’s a fantastic baby gift.

    Thank you

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