Sarit Nahum, Inventor and CEO of Pisher

Name: Sarit Nahum


Age: 49

Number of children: 2

Job Title: Inventor and CEO of Pisher

Duties: My invention, Pisher, is an electronic toilet training Device. As we are a start-up company I manage everything concerning the product development, product design, manufacturing, finance, marketing, PR, technical issues, contact with suppliers and more.

Hours: Actively less then mentally, sometimes even when I sleep.

Childcare arrangements: Not needed. 

What I love about my work: The creative part, bringing an idea to life, taking care of details and finding new solutions for old problems. Another part that I love is receiving positive feedback about my product.

What I find difficult: Finding the right people to work with, collaborators that can understand your vision and are willing to do the best they can in helping you achieve it.

Another big challenge is dealing to difficult situations in a non-emotive way. I believe it becomes an instinct over time – to look at things from a wider perspective and learning to allocate time efficiently between tasks.

My working life would be easier if: If I would have known everything I know now!!! But I guess that part of growing as a person and as a professional is the experience. In the end I believe that any obstacle along the way teaches you something if you are willing to learn from your own mistakes.

Work/mum life balance: As a single mum for the last 15 years I was always lucky enough to be able to work from home and look after my boys. I took a decision to give up my career as a commercial pilot, becoming a jewellery designer and waited for them to grow-up to pursue my dream of creating Pisher.

Nowadays a new career is possible at any age, and it is so precious to dedicate the right attention and care to your family. For me, my boys and my partner comes first, then work. I feel my first success is within my family.

How having children has changed the work I do: If I wouldn’t had children I would have never thought of Pisher. As a mother I always tried to make our lives easier, time is short and there is so much to do! I have more ideas that can “simplify mothers’ lives” and I hope to execute them as well.

Fantasy job: The one of David Attenborough! Travel to the most amazing places in the world, be in nature, experience wildlife and get paid for it! Absolutely a fantasy job for me.

Mojomums helps mums get their mojo back – what advice would you give to mums who feel they have lost theirs? Don’t ever stop dreaming! Make your dreams a reality and more, write it down and set yourself goals.

Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy the little things in life. Think of the memories you have from your childhood and try to create ones for your own children, be playful with life! 

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