Sally’s Mother’s Day


My Ideal Mothers Day:

To have all 5 of my children come and snuggle in bed with me for half an hour (nicely, quietly and without running off)

To have my husband take them downstairs on his own and bring me up a cup of tea and THREE pain au chocolate (we said ideal right?)

Left in peace in bed for at least an hour and no noise from downstairs that makes me feel like I need to go and investigate!

Get up in my Pjs and go downstairs for more cuddles and cards and flowers from the kids

House to be TIDY! Kids to be DRESSED and FED

My mum over to have lunch with us

Homemade Sunday chicken roast dinner (cooked by husband) with mash potato, stuffing and yorkshires mmmm followed by American cheesecake and vanilla ice cream!

Relax on sofa (still in Pjs) with a cuppa tea and my kindle while husband entertains children and cleans the kitchen.

Husband to put kids to bed

Watch a soppy film of my choosing with LOADS of chocolate

Go to bed and read and sleep


What actually happens:

Wake up to babies playing in room and shouting for us, tell husband 5 times his turn to get up! if MY lay-in (if mothers day falls on his he wont get up I will – so by telling this version I am being nice)

Husband brings me up a cuppa (ah) and I read in bed as I will already be awake and not able to get any more sleep

5 minutes later go downstairs as need to investigate loud screams and see who is shouting mummy

Take over kids duty, breakfast, getting dressed and moan about its my lie in continually

Have a diet bar for breakfast

Hopefully kids will have made cards / gifts and husband wont have forgotten about triplets (HINT HINT)

Mum will come over

Husband will make lunch (good cook) but not enough Yorkshires and NO mash! Roasts are his favourite!

No pudding as on a diet!

I will tidy kitchen as he made lunch!!!!

Sit on sofa and read kindle to the sound of ‘all you do is read that kindle’

Family time together and have lots of cuddles.

Put kids to bed

Watch TV and Bed!



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