Sally Major’s Cancer Fight

Every now and then you come across a story online, in the papers or social media and it just simply touches your heart.  This is one that has pulled the whole Mojomums team and we want to share and hope that you may be able to help this young family in need…

Told by Sally Major’s husband Liam, here is Sally’s story so far…

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“As you probably expected the reason I’ve put this page on here is not a very pleasant one and is basically out of desperation. I need your help to keep my wife (and the mum of my 4 young children – George 2, Maisy 6, Adam 11 and Ryan 12) alive.

We cannot imagine life without her and in fact my youngest son does not even understand this.

My amazing & gorgeous wife, Sally, 32, was last year diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer, extremely rare at such a young age. She had surgery to remove a foot of her bowel along with the huge tumour, unfortunately this still left her with widespread disease in her liver, both lungs, lymph nodes and peritoneum.

Despite this and living with a colostomy, so far around 20 gruelling sessions of chemotherapy, 2 lots of ablation, enough supplements to cause her to rattle, intense pain and sickness along with shocking tiredness my unbreakable wife still battles on! I am so very proud of her.

We have funded various treatments ourselves at around £25k and have had some fantastic help from fundraisers who have so far raised around £59,000 for us. Unfortunately this only covers the initial tumour testing for suitability of the treatment we are looking at.

The Hallwang Clinic in Germany (recently Emmerdale actress Leah Bracknell commenced treatment here) offers cutting edge combined treatment including low dose chemotherapies, immunotherapies, dentritic cell vaccine and personalised cancer vaccinations. These treatments have been seen to cure the ‘UK NHS incurable’…

Sally’s tumour markers have almost halved, liver function doubled, kidney function normal, usual bloods pretty normal and LDH (dead cell processing) went insane and has started to come back down, all signs that the treatment is definitely working…and very well!

Unfortunately this week has cost us €26,000, €15,000 more than anticipated and our money has finally ran out. Unless we get at least €10,000 together by Thursday we will quite literally have nowhere to go. Sally can barely stand for a second, has lost all muscle mass and we’re not able to get her home. Equally we can’t afford to stay here so have no option, there’s no plan G.

I am literally begging, I can’t let my wife and amazing mum of my kids deteriorate, suffer and ultimately pass while knowing there’s treatment available that works. It’s criminal, devastating and unbelievable, almost barbaric. Unfortunately the NHS will not offer the treatment at present, we are desperately working with our MP to change this but we don’t have the beauty of time to wait, we need to fill the gap. We’ve drained our personal finances, maxed our credit, sold car, remortgaged, business currently £12,000 overdrawn, we have no more options for money, nothing, done. We can’t stay, we can’t go.

I have never been so desperate so quickly, please please please I beg anything anyone can give, or loan we will try to repay as soon as we can, please help me, help us and our kids.

There are lots of events coming up which we are so grateful for but we can’t get the money in quick enough, we have nothing. We had some really amazing, selfless people including people we’ve never met donate £1000 instead of going on holiday, anonymous donations and the the help we get from everyone we know.

Please, I don’t know how else to ask, please help us. One day we will repay the favour. Please donate and share, add your own little story to the post so people have something to read other than just a share. Pride has gone, we are desperate. Thank you for anything at all that you can do.

Love, hope and huge thanks from Liam, Sally and all the kids and family.”


We think this says everything you need to know; how devastated this family is and how desperate they are… if you can help in any way, however large or small please visit






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