Review – The New Baby Lotto Game

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Reviewed by: Amanda (29 weeks pregnant) and her 3 year old Bethany


Product/Toy Name: Orchard Games – New Baby Lotto


What they say:

Help your child play and prepare for a new arrival in the family.

Orchard Toys are based in Norfolk and are proud to produce all their educational toys and games in the UK from recycled materials – all are tested in schools and at home to ensure they offer great play value – all conform to European safety standards.

Educational Guide – This game has been designed to
* Encourage knowledge & understanding of the world – talking about babies& their needs, sharing own experiences.
* Develop talk about skills & social interaction.
* Teach observation & matching skills.

Age 2+ A game for 2 to 4 players.


What I say:

This game is similar to the shopping list game where you need to complete your card first. It has 6 items to find and then the baby that relates to your card. You play the game by spreading out the cards and taking it turns to find a card that is from your master list, if you find one you keep it if you don’t you return it face down and the next player takes their turn. Once you have found all you items you then need to find your baby from the 4 cards. There is a bathing baby, feeding baby, playing with baby and bedtime baby.

My three year old really enjoyed the game. We played and then we talked through the cards about what baby will need and how she can help with certain activities once baby comes home, which I think gave her a bit more of an understanding of what it is actually going to be like when we bring baby home. I was a little worried when she asked if she could put  a lead on the baby to take it for a walk, to which I said that is a pet not a baby and she then wanted one of those instead – a little too late for that I’m afraid!

A simple to play game and a fun way to explain – or try to start to explain – what having a new baby in the house will be like and what she can do to be my little helper.


Favourite thing: Easy to play, easy to understand and fun.


Worst thing: Already having to have played it about 20 times! – we have only had it 3 days!


Overall Comment: Well, made, great small box to keep it in, fun and simple game. Gave us lots to talk about other than just playing the game.


Mark out of ten: 9/10


Questions for mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long? It kept her entertained – each game only lasts a few minutes but we have played all together and then just the two of us, so lots of play time from it.


Was it what they were expecting? It was good game it is quite similar to the Shopping List Game in style and this is a good and a bad thing!


Did the game help explain what bringing baby home will be like?  Yes I think it did, we have had several conversations about bringing baby home but I don’t think she understands that this baby is not going to be much fun for a while and I think this game really helped me to explain how I would need help bathing the baby and would she like to help and that baby will drink bottles and not eat at first etc. I think she took it all in, (despite now wanting a puppy!)


Is the toy aimed at the right age group? 2+ Yes aimed at the right age group. Older one would play and enjoy it but perfect for younger children.


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking? Absolutely the cards are strong and durable the box it comes in is sturdy and means you can put all the pieces back in it and not lose them and the box isn’t too big!


Questions for the child

What’s your favourite thing about the toy? The baby


Would you tell your friends to play with the toy? Yes




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