Review of Zimpli Kids SnoBall Battle Pack

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Lynzie

snoball battle pack

What they say: Our ever so popular Gelli Snow powder has been transformed to create our brand new SnoBall Battle Pack! Simply add the SnoBall powder to water,
and watch it transform into realistic snow. Then it’s time to create your snowballs and get ready for snowball fights all year round!

What we say: “The sun was shining, the temperature in our house was 28oC and we were thinking of ways to cool ourselves down and you guessed it, we thought lets have a snow ball fight!

From first looking at this product, the packaging and colour are so exciting and vibrant and it looks like the SnoBall Battle Pack will be a great hit in our house!  I have two daughters, aged 2 and 6 years old, and I think this product will be great for them, by first impressions of the packet.

There are clear and simple instructions on the back of the pack, along with a paper leaflet inside the box. There are four sachets of ‘Snow’ to have fun with, so you could either use all four packets at once or save some for another day to make the product last longer and our kids enjoyment too.

snoball 1

Making the snow is a lot easier than I imagined it to be, you pop a sachet of the powder into a bowl and add the required amount of water, mix it around until the snow is magically formed, and that’s where the real fun began, making snowballs and having a snowball fight.

snowball 2

The girls really enjoyed mixing it all together to make the snow, and it was very easy for them to do and needed no adult help to mix it up. However as the ‘snow’ started to form my youngest daughter didn’t like the feel of the texture and asked to wash her hands, so my eldest daughter mixed the snow up.

snowball 3

The snow looks really authentic, just like you might see in the UK once or twice in the last few years. We used two packets of the snow and it made absolutely loads. My eldest daughter thought the snow looked so real, and was so excited by this!

snoball 4

We popped the bowl out in the garden for the snow ball fight to commence, my youngest again tried to touch the snow, but didn’t like it so we improvised and she scooped the snow into a jug, and then was able to throw it at others. My eldest was able to make snowballs, they were quite squishy, and didn’t hold as well as a ‘normal’ snowball, but that’s to be expected when you are trying to replicate something that is normally only used in winter time.

snoball 6

My one criticism of the SnoBall Battle Pack would be that when a Snow ball was thrown in the garden and landed on the patio, it made the patio extremely slippery to which adults or children could slip over, so I would advise that this product is only used on grass.

snoball 5

There was no odor from the snow balls, if it got on clothing it came off instantly, left no marks what so ever. Once we had finished my husband washed the patio and garden down, and the snow completely disappeared, leaving no trace that a snowball fight had happened there!

We had such a good time as a family playing with the SnoBall Battle Pack, although it was a strange feeling having a snowball fight when it was so sunny outside but thoroughly enjoyable and would recommend it to everyone! The Snoball Battle Pack means that children, adults and families are not limited to having snowball fights just in winter they can now have them all year round!!!”


Zimpli Kids SnoBall Battle Pack is available from and retails for £4.99.


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