Review of Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Kelly

What they say: Relive your favourite moments from the Wizarding World of JK Rowling with this beautiful rendition of Harry’s wand from the Harry Potter movie series. With its ultra bright LED tip, the wand is perfect for reenacting iconic scenes and can be used to craft stunning works of digital art with the supplied light painting app.

Download the free app (iOS and Android) to enter the magical world of light painting (long exposure photography). Use the light from your wand to draw beautiful patronus charms in mid-air, recreate dramatic wand battles from the movies or simply write your name in the sky.

Upload and share your creations on social media #lightpaintingwizard

Each wand in the Wow! Stuff Light Painting Wand series is laser scanned from the original movie prop, cast in high grade resin and hand painted for a screen accurate finish with a weight and balance that is pleasing in the hands of wizards and witches of all ages.

What we say: “Never mind the children, I was so excited to try this! I’m a huge Harry potter fan and my son (age 7) has recently really become engrossed with the books and films and I knew he would love to try this, but first, my turn…!

You can choose from Harry, Hermione or Newt Scamander’s wand. The wands themselves come in a nicely presented gift box and are each created to be exactly the same as those used in the films.

It feels good in my hand! Not too heavy or too light and the LED is bright – really for a magical battle!

Downloading the Wow! Stuff Light Painting app only took moments and although not hard to use, it did take a few moments to understand how to work it all. With the app, you can video your handwork and the app magically turns this into a photo…

As you can see, this takes a little practice but would be amazing with a proper Harry Potter background!

Retailing for around £25 I think this is a great present and one that any Harry Potter fan would love to receive!”




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One Response to Review of Wow! Stuff Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

  1. Karen Parkinson North says:

    Yes, it’s amazing! Creating great images and easy to upload to FB and Instagram!

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