Review of Willow Farm – Santa Spectacular by Amanda and Bethany

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Attraction:  Willows farm – Santa Spectacular

Date of review: 06 December 2013

Reviewee:  Amanda and Bethany aged 3

Santa and boo


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best):


What did you enjoy most about the day?

We had a fantastic day, we went for a ride on Tristan the Tractor through the woods, we watched the pantomime, we fed the animals including the reindeer and we played in the indoor soft play. But best of all was the trip to Santa! This was really well done the elves were so friendly the waiting area was magical, Father Christmas was just as he should be and she even sat on his lap for a photo, which I thought was fantastic! She chose a present from the toy shop and absolutely loved her day! It was magical, just as it should be!

What did your kids enjoy most about the day?

Bethany loved every second of her day, I have to say meeting father Christmas was her highlightand chatting to him, he asked her what she would like and she said a Dinosaur. He asked if she wanted a real dinosaur and she replied don’t be silly it would eat my scooter and bike in the garden! Priceless moment that made us all laugh!

What didn’t you or your kids enjoy?

It was very cold! However it didn’t ruin the day one bit!

If you could make one suggestion to the attraction to enhance your experience what would it be?

The cost of photo’s was quite expensive.

Would you go back on another day or when the kids were older?

Yes absolutely I love Willows farm and have been before but I will ensure we go every Christmas now as it was fantastic!

Was there enough to do for a whole day, or is it more of a morning or afternoon event?

You can spend all day there, we were there from 10 till 3 but we could have stayed longer if it weren’t so cold and if Bethany wasn’t so exhausted!

Are there things to do and see both indoor and outdoor or is this a weather dependent attraction?

There are things to do indoors and out, although being a farm there is a lot of open space so dry is wonderful, warm would have been amazing, but the cold added to the Christmas feel and we were all wrapped up!

Any other comments that you would like to share?

 The whole day was fantastic, I cannot recommend Willows as a Christmas family day out highly enough!

Boo on ride


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best) 8/10

Have you been given all the information that you needed for the day including maps and programme of events or is there anything else that you would have like to receive?

Yes it was easy to find and well signposted

 Do you have to queue for long to get in, and was there anything to keep the kids amused whilst you are queuing?

There was a queue to get in, and only three desks open but I don’t think they were expecting it to be so busy on a Friday.

Boo on Tristan


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 10/10

 Is the attraction easy to find/well signposted around local  area?

Yes well signposted and easy to fine. 

Is the attraction easy to navigate around once you are inside?

Yes very easy to get round.

Is there room to easily wheel a buggy (single, double or triple around)? 

Absolutely plenty of room throughout the attraction

In your opinion is the attraction suitable for children of different ages regardless of the age restrictions advised by the attraction itself

 What is there for 0-2 year olds? Yes there is a toddler area and a specific area in the soft play area. Plus lots of animals to see

What is there for 3 – 6 year olds?  From 3-6 again lots to do

What is there for 6- 12 year olds? Yes I think 6-12 would still have a good time, the animals are great and the soft play for older kids is also very good.

 What additional costs are they when you are in the attraction? 

There is the restaurant in the soft play area where we had lunch, with a great selection for children. There was the photographs following the visit to Santa, there is a toy shop on the way out.

What day of the week are you visiting the attraction?


Do you find the volume of people at the attraction acceptable (i.e. to busy, empty, comfortable) and what is busiest time of the day? 

It was busy at lunchtime in the soft play area, but it was fine.

What is the average price range for items in the gift/souvenir shop?  The range is huge, from Christmas decs to toys, snacks and clothes. Lots of choice for every budget.

Boo in grotto


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 9/10

Were the toilets clean? Yes

 Were there separate baby changing facilities? If so, were they clean and user friendly (e.g. sufficient space for buggies) 

Yes there was a separate area in both toilets area’s

 Were the toilets well located to the main attractions? 

Yes close to the entrance and the lunch area.

Cow and boo


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 8/10

Would you recommend the restaurant/refreshment facilities? What was there to eat for you and the kids?   

Yes we had a toasted sandwich which was nice, however my coffee was cold. Bethany had a lunch box there was lots of choice.

Was the food reasonable priced? What did you and the kids end up eating there? 

The food wasn’t cheap but it was a fair price, the kids box was about £5.95 for 5 items and the sandwich was about £4.95.

Can you feed the baby there and are there facilities to heat baby food (e.g. microwave and bottle warmer)? 

 Yes there was

Is there a picnic area (indoors/outdoors)?

Yes outdoors lots of places to eat a picnic

 Boo in grotto 2


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