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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Rebecca

whole food baby

What they say:  Whole Food Baby is a collection of 200 recipes that include baby’s first foods all the way through to toddler recipes and are packed with whole foods, spices, herbs, and flavors that will not only delight your baby’s culinary palate but also provide the essential building blocks for babies’ growth and development.

Bland and boring baby food is a thing of the past. Baby food blogger Michele Olivier will help you whip up baby purees and toddler meals featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables, healthy ancient grains like quinoa and millet, and spices and herbs spanning from cinnamon and curry to basil and chives that are full of flavor and nutrition.

Using whole foods will let you know exactly what you are putting into your baby’s diet and give you reassurance that your baby will be benefiting from the best possible ingredients. Help cease the beige food epidemic and picky eating phase by providing colorful and yummy foods to your baby from the very start!

Whole Food Baby is the perfect companion to Whole Food Energy – showing you how easy it is for both you and baby to reap the benefits of eating whole foods together – one bite for you, one bite for baby.

What we say:  “I was looking forward to trying a new recipe book to get some new ideas for my 8 month and 4 year old boys, after feeling a bit stuck with repetitive meals and finger foods.

Whole food baby is a nicely presented, easy to read book. The recipes are easy to follow and I liked the recipe variations that were also included.

It starts with weaning in general and food types and progresses from purées, finger foods and up. You need a well stocked herb/spice rack and some of the ingredients weren’t stocked in my local supermarket (but substitutions worked well). I wasn’t as adventurous as I could have been with the flavour combinations but the recipes I tried went down very well.

For finger foods my baby loved the ‘simmered apples,cloves and ginger’ as well as the ‘roasted sweet potato and paprika’.

My 4 year old couldn’t get enough of the ‘kale and pear meatballs’ which were so easy to make and freeze in a large batch. He even told me that he preferred them to shop bought ones.

I also tried the ‘white fish, ginger and orange’ recipe which was a little dry and not as well received as the others.

We’re looking forward to making the pancakes next!”


Whole Food Baby is available from many good book stores and online from Amazon.

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