Review of Whitworths Sunny raisins

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Reviewed by:  Amanda & Bethany Aged 3


Product/Toy Name: Whitworth Raisins in chocolate, custard and caramel


What they say: Sunny Raisin is just what you imagine – wholesome, fruity goodness that mums and dads can trust. In fact natural goodness doesn’t come more tasty than this! Using only the plumpest, juiciest Californian raisins, Sunny Raisin is available in various handy snack pack formats. They’re perfect for lunchboxes, when you’re out and about or for in-home treats. Sunny is ideal for all those healthy snacking occasions and full of the good stuff you need to get out and do the things you love! Have you tried our latest addition to the Sunny Raisin family? New Sunny 25g snack packs come in six different variants including chocolate, yogurt and custard coated raisins. 100% delicious and so good you’ll want to hide them from the kids!

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What I say: The biggest problem with these snacks is actually getting them home for my daughter as they are so delicious I couldn’t help but “test” them too!


Favourite thing: Everything! I didn’t think I would try the custard ones as they didn’t sound like my sort of thing – but I did and they were delicious too!


Worst thing: They are child sized portions – which means they are gone far too soon!


Overall Comment: These snacks are delicious – great for packed lunches for the kids but equally as good for an adult snack too!


Mark out of ten: 10 /10


Questions for mum

Did your child enjoy the snack? Yes my daughter loved them!


Was there anything your child didn’t like about them? No.


Would you buy them again? Yes, I already have!


Are they good value for money? At around 45 pence per pack they are competitively priced for a lunchbox snack.


What is your favourite flavour? We all loved them all, but the milk and white chocolate ones probably were our favourites.

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