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Reviewed by Amanda, John, Bethany 5 and Jessica 17 months

What we say:

We were asked to review the View from the Shard as a family. The reason being that during the half term for every paying adult, two children can go free! So how was our trip? We arrived and there was quite a queue for tickets, but after about 20 minutes we got our tickets, we left the buggy and then got into another queue to get through security. This was very efficient and we were through in no time at all.

Unfortunately they were having a bad technology day and the audio guides were not available. We got into the first lift and sped up 33 flights, we then got into another lift and sped up to the 69th floor. The view was spectacular! Bethany loved the telescopes that told you about the buildings you were looking at. John and Bethany played with these whenever they could. We went all the way round taking some amazing pictures and talking about what each building was and how the buses and boats below looked like models. It was really a spectacular experience!

We then walked up to the final viewing platform on floor 72, this is open air and just as fabulous as below. Unfortunately my littlest had a melt down at this point so we had to cut our visit shorter than myself, Bethany and John would have liked, but for everyone else up there they were grateful I took the crying small person away, to leave them to admire London.

So how would I rate the day, for us Jess having a melt down made me think that maybe the older the child the better the experience for the parents. I would absolutely go again, it was fantastic and next time we are going to try the restaurant too! Highly recommended as a fantastic day out in London, kids and adults alike would love it!

What they say:

We are a premium visitor attraction at the top of the European Union’s (EU) tallest building, and London’s newest landmark, The Shard. Designed by Master Architect Renzo Piano, the Shard redefines London’s skyline and has become a dynamic symbol of London. At a height of up to 800ft or 244m, we offer spectacular views over London for up to 40 miles. We are almost twice as high as any other vantage point in the city, and the only place where visitors can see the entire city at once.

Best bit:

Obviously the view! It is amazing – having been in the London Eye and being impressed this tops the view by far!  But also the staff were fantastic talking to the girls, trying to stop Jess and her meltdown by talking to her, they were absolutely brilliant.

shard 3

Worst Bit:

Jess making our visit shorter than we wanted. I would say remember that you have no buggy up there and if you don’t take something with you it isn’t as easy as just popping to grab it off the buggy!

Amenities and access:

The ticket desk and security area can get very busy. You can’t take the buggy up and you need to access lifts and use stairs, so bear all that in mind. The top floor is open air so a little chilly if a cold day, so you need to think about all the things you need to take with you to keep everyone happy on the day!

Kids Go Free:

The View from The Shard, the visitor attraction at the top of London’s newest landmark will offer free admission for children 4-15 years during their October half term (26th October – 1st November). Children have the opportunity to explore unrivalled 360-degree views of the city, spotting London’s iconic landmarks from the highest vantage point of any building in Western Europe.

  • A maximum of two free child tickets are offered subject the purchase of one full price advance or on-the-day adult ticket to The View from The Shard for visits during the dates outlined.

For more information visit the what on section on their website

Shard 2

The Shard Top Ten Facts:

  1. The Shard is 309.6metres tall (1,016ft)
  2. The Shard has an equivalent floor space of 31.4 acres
  3. The Shard has 87 levels, level 72 is the highest publicly accessible level
  4. Architect Renzo Piano designed The Shard to be a ‘vertical city’
  5. The Shard has 11,000 glass panels over an area equivalent to 8 football pitches
  6. The volume of concrete used is 54,000 m³, equivalent to 22 Olympic swimming pools
  7. The total piles supporting the building would measure 13.7km if laid end to end
  8. The Shard has 306 flights of staircases and 44 lifts
  9. The Shard contains the highest private residences in Europe and a swimming pool on level 52 in the Shangri-La Hotel
  10. The View from The Shard occupies the highest habitable floors in The Shard on levels 69 and 72


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