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Reviewed by: Mojomums Sarah and son Harrison

What they say: Have you ever played a game and been bursting to shout out the answer, even when its not your turn? Here’s your chance! Each question has 10 clues, The first player to shout out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate ‘Smart Ass’.

What we say: “H really enjoyed this game, think he liked the fact it’s a bit “edgy”!! The difficult questions are called Bad Ass following the theme of the title name of the game and the older kids love the fact this is a little bit naughty!

It’s a quick fast paced game, with not a lot of rules, so appeals to the “too cool for school” approaching teenager!  The winner is the first person to get to four cards and during the questions anyone can butt in and shout out the answers.  The cards and questions are very modern and bang up to date, from an adult perspective I also learn some interesting facts about politicians, actors, film stars etc. I was not previously aware of.

The cards are based around, What am I? Who am I? Where am I? With a list of clues per card, making the answer easier to guess as you give more clues.  The Bad Ass cards are one off more difficult questions, but are still within the realms of being able to answer them and not like one of those highbrow OTT pub quizzes where you need a degree in everything to answer any questions!

There’s an educational useful dynamic to this game as well; Harrison said “Mum, ask me all the Where Am I? questions, as it will be good revision for my Geography Exam”, so made revision a bit more fun! Always a bonus!!

It’s really good you can buy the cards as a smaller individual pack game or add to the larger board game with these packs, great Birthday and additional Christmas stocking present ideas.

All in all a great little fun modern game, you can play for 5 minutes but also for a lot longer if you like, still keeping everyone entertained and off those iPads and X Boxes for a while.  Good old fashioned fun with a very modern twist!!!”


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