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Reviewed by:  Mojomums team


What they say:  Unisoothe throat lozenges contain natural mint flavour and menthol outer shell and a soft chocolatey centre. This powerful combination of tastes and flavours delivers a dual impact sensation that helps to calm and soothe throats.

The cost per pack is £3.49 (recommended selling price) for a pack of 15 lozenges.

Currently available at Lloyds Pharmacy and independent pharmacies.

What we say:  I’m not a huge fan of throat lozenges, I don’t really like the tastes and often find them too sweet and sticky.  These lozenges taste minty and strong and actually leave a tingle in my mouth once they’ve gone!

The centre is nice and soft and rather chewy at the same time!

All in all, we give them a thumbs up!  Grown up throat sweets – don’t share them with the kids! 😉


Unisoothe lozenges are available at LloydsPharmacy and Independent Pharmacies.

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One Response to Review of Unisoothe lozenges

  1. Peter Hayman says:

    Agree completely with this review – but the problem is that they’re impossible to buy! None available in any local pharmacy and every online supplier saying they are out of stock and unable to source further supplies. My wife contacted the UK distributor and was told that they can supply us directly – but with a minimum quantity of 24 packs! If this is the case why can’t Numark or Amazon get supplies?

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