Review of UFO Alarm board game

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Reviewed by:  Amanda and her two boys (6 and 8 years)


What they say:  UFO Alarm is a fast paced and exhilarating game for children. Players face a head on Battle with a selection of evil aliens! Dare to leave the farm and face an alien attack? Be careful, throw a wrong roll on the dice and you could find yourself paralyzed with fear, teleported by the electronic spaceship and abducted by aliens! Be sure to look out for secret passages and trap doors!

  • Age: 6+ yrs
  • Number of players: 2-4

What we say:  “My two boys 6, and 8 really enjoy playing board games so as a family we were looking forward to trying a new game. The game initially involves a bit of sticking to get the game set up but then otherwise the instructions are fairly straightforward. The game is split into two parts; the first involves getting the pieces on the board, which is a little slow, but then the fun begins…!  It’s different and unique compared to other games we have and led to lots of giggles whilst playing! It comes with a space ship which sucks up the playing pieces and makes a slight whirring sound as it sucks the pieces up like a vacuum. The pieces are light foam so this works well. On the flip side the pieces do move easily on the board so you need to ensure that the dice rolling is not too vigorous and off the board as they can easily slide about. The rules do warn you about this.

The game takes around 30 minutes to play and made a nice change to the normal board games that we have. The game would make a great gift as it’s so different and would appeal to both boys and girls.”


UFO Alarm is available from many good toy shops and online from Amazon.

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