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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Louise

tummy tub

What they say:  The Tummy Tub® is an ingenious product that helps settle babies ready for a successful night’s sleep while easing bath time fears for new parents at the same time.

Designed by a team of child carers in the Netherlands, this new-born baby bath returns little ones to the familiar foetal position, easing the transition from the comfort and security of the mother’s womb.  Once placed in the Tummy Tub®, babies feel secure and cocooned in the warm water, leaving them calm, relaxed and ready for sleep.  The tranquil experience even comforts crying or colicky babies.  Immersed up to their shoulders in the Tummy Tub®, babies stay warm and content until bath time is over and it’s time to be wrapped up in their towel.

The Tummy Tub® also helps reassure first time mums who are perhaps anxious about handling their new-born in a traditional shaped bath.  Every detail of this baby bath has been developed with safety in mind, from its smooth wide rim to support parents’ arms and the ergonomic, easy-grip handles, to the non-slip base, complete with rubber strip to ensure perfect stability.  The Tummy Tub® is also environmentally friendly, using less water than a traditional baby bath.  It’s easy to fill and then empty after bath time is over, plus it’s simple to clean.  The Tummy Tub® is lightweight even when full, which is very beneficial for new mothers and it takes up very little space and is easy to transport.

What we say:  “I have a traditional baby bath that I have been using (my daughter is 4 weeks old) and I have to say that I found the Tummy Tub a little different and difficult at first but now that I have got the hang of using it it’s so much better!

Your baby sits in an upright position (not the easiest position to get used to with a small, wet baby!) but once in, she is fairly secure and having the bath water higher than usual has certainly kept her calmer and happier.

Once you have tried the Tummy Tub a couple of times you instinctively know where to place your hands to keep your baby comfortable.

I am definitely a convert and will be using the tub until my daughter no longer fits in!”


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