Review of Tractor Ted DVD, Lunch Box, Toy, Book and T-shirt

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 Reviewd by: Sally and her nearly 3 year old triplets Noah, Phoebe and Ayda

Product/Toy Name: Tractor Ted

What they say: At Tractor Ted HQ we believe that in a world where more and more people live in urban environments it is increasingly important that young children (and their parents) remain connected with the countryside, understand how and where their food comes from, and learn respect for anima;ls and wildlife living outside their toens. We believe this understanding and appreciation of country living will foster a generation of better informed consumers, and bring wider beneifts to society as a whole. In creating the Tractor Ted seies, we use real life scenarios, and real life film footage to create sories about the countryside so as to educate and inform pre-school children about he countryside in an entertaining and engaging way. 

What I say: A collection of Tractor Ted items including a DVD, Lunch box, T Shirt and wooden toy

Favourite thing: The DVD – we watch it continually!

Worst thing: The DVD! My son loves it, it uses real filming of farm equipment and I have watched it so many times I think I could drive a tractor!

Overall Comment: My son and daughters love all of the items, the time lunchbox is used as a special toy carrier (in lieu of not needing packed lunch yet) and as mentioned the DVD is a big hit!

Mark out of ten: 9/10

Questions for mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long? Yes and still is

Is the toy aimed at the right age group? Yes 

Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking?  The tractor is delicate and not for heavy play.




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