Review of Tonka Town Fire Station

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Tonka Town Fire Station

Reviewed by:  

Adult: Nina

Child: Dexter    Age: 3


Product/Toy Name: Tonka Town Fire Station


What they say:  

It’s a busy day at Tonka Town fire station as Bruno and Jose keep their skills sharpened by training hard. Set up a controlled fire in the fire tower, sliding the flames up and watching them glow like a real fire. Place Jose or Bruno on the sensor on the top level to activate blue flashing lights and warning sirens. Get both firemen to rush to the site of the fire to put it out, and help them practise for a real emergency. Patrol the Control Room, and when there’s a real emergency, help Jose and Bruno get to the fireman’s pole to speedily slide to the ground floor. Hop into the fire car, and zoom off to the site of the fire in Tonka Town! After a hard day’s work of saving the day, drive the fire car back, extend the station to make more room for the car, and park it up safely in the garage ready for another adventure.
Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Quick facts:

Interactive lights and sounds Fire Station with two figures and fire car
Blue flashing lights, siren sound and light-up fire
Raise and lower the fire with a slider at the back of the tower
Sliding fireman’s pole
Great for imaginative play
Includes 1 x fire station, 1 x fire car, Jose the fireman and Bruno the fireman


What I say:

When I read the name Tonka, it was a blast from the past, A name I remembered as a  reputable brand, and after my children played with this set, I absolutely stand by that. As I took the toy from my car, both my children Scarlet 5 and Dexter 3 gathered round with excitement, along with our neighbour’s children aged 8 and 6. When I unpacked the toy, I was expecting the older children to be less interested, but this really wasn’t the case. They all sat and played very nicely for about an hour. The Toy is well made and is sturdier than a lot of the play sets I have seen at friend’s houses. I actually heard Dexter playing with it yesterday and he was really getting into character, and was one of those real “ahh” moments. He absolutely loves it and often disappears to his bedroom to play with it.


Favourite thing:

I loved the way that Dexter was using role play with the fireman and creating his own games.


Worst thing:

I can honestly say that I don’t think that I have a worst thing about this toy.


 Overall Comment:


Mark out of ten: 8 /10


Questions for the mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long?

Dexter absolutely loved this toy and yes it most definitely kept him entertained. It did keep him entertained – on average between 20 – 40 minutes.


Was it what they were expecting?       

Yes, I think so, but I think the Alarm was an added bonus!


Is the toy aimed at the right age group?

I think that the toy is definitely aimed at the right age group. I have often fallen into the trap of seeing a toy marked for an older child and thought my children could easily play with it, later realising that they would probably get more enjoyment from a toy that is specificly marked for at least their actual age. Although my daughter and our neighbour’s children also enjoyed playing with it, I would still say it is perfect for 3-5 year olds.


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking?

Yes, the toy is very durable and did survive the session without breaking. It feels solid and a toy that wouldn’t break easily.


Questions for the child

What’s your favourite thing about the toy? 

“The fire alarm” “Its noisy and the firemen, know when there is a fire, so it’s important to have one”


 Would you tell your friends to play with the toy? 

“Yes, My friends have already played with it, and they love it too!”


Is there anything you don’t like about the toy?

“There isn’t anything I don’t like about it.”




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