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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly


What they say:  Parents have a new and safe strategy for treating children from 12 months with sore throats — Throaty Soothe. Just launched, Throaty Soothe is a unique combination of Icelandic moss extract, mallow extract and zinc, which help calm and curb sore throat symptoms.

Throaty Soothe, available as a syrup or lozenges, contains no paracetamol and offers a natural and effective solution for sore throats — and unlike most treatments it is so safe it can be given to children from the age of one.

Throaty Soothe Syrup is a sugar-free formulation with a delicious cherry flavour, which can be given to children from the age of 12 months. Available in a 100ml bottle.

Throaty Soothe Lozenges are strawberry flavoured and are great to use on the go. They are suitable for children aged four and older and are available in packs of 24 lozenges.

Both deliver a dual action formula, which soothes and protects, and because they physically target the site of soreness, and contain no paracetamol, they are safe to use in combination with other medicines if needed.

What we say:  “I’m never sure whether to give my children medicine specifically aimed at sore throats, there are so many conflicting views around these types of syrups, but when my daughter recently had a particularly nasty cough, cold and was basically feeling unwell and under-the-weather, I was more than happy to put my faith in this product, especially as it is a natural treatment.

The cherry flavour smelt sweet, but she assured me it tasted fine and was more than happy to take it again later (always a plus for any parent when giving medicine to their child!).

A big bonus with Throaty Soothe is that it does not contain paracetamol, so you can use it alongside your child’s usual pain relief – great for when they are particularly unwell.

My daughter said it helped to soothe her throat.  I think in the future I would be keen to use the lozenges rather than the syrup, to give on-the-spot relief, but all in all I believe this is a product worth having in your medicine cupboard.  Thumbs up from us.”


RRP: £6.99 from Tesco Stores, and Amazon


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One Response to Review of Throaty Soothe

  1. Claire Blue says:

    At last, a cough mixture that actually works.

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