Review of The Tulip Garden by Sarah Mathilde Callaway

Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Sam

the tulip garden

What they say:  After receiving an urgent letter from their aging grandmother, Arianna and her cousins, Angelica and Anastasia, return to the Contini estate in the lush countryside near Florence where they spent their childhood summers. Arianna is engaged to a London banker who has put a ring on her finger but doesn’t give her the happiness she desires. When Arianna arrives in Tuscany she rediscovers herself and her forgotten passion for the land. She also encounters true love with Lorenzo, a man who lives his life intensely without worrying about the future. Lorenzo, a simple farmer working the Contini land, soon finds out that Arianna is Armando Contini’s granddaughter. Their relationship is marred by this discovery and shortly afterwards Lorenzo decides to go to Ireland to take over a run-down farm. The tulip garden becomes Arianna’s refuge. she understands that true love has no bounds and can overcome any obstacle.

What we say:  “The Tulip Garden is set in the beautiful countryside near Florence, Italy, and tells the story of a woman, Arianna, who while engaged to a London banker visits her Grandmother in Italy and falls in love with a local farmer. The premise of the story being that love has no bounds and can overcome any obstacle. It is an unusually short book of only 110 pages and so won’t take long to read.

Although it is not clear which decade the story is set in, it has an old fashioned feel to it. The Grandmother’s disapproval of the relationship, Arianna not wishing to disobey her Grandmother, Lorenzo the farmer deciding to leave to go back to Ireland so as not to upset the family may not resonate with today’s modern woman. If you are a reader who enjoys the humour of Bridget Jones or the eroticism of Fifty Shades then this book is probably not for you, but for those who enjoy an old fashioned romance this book will appeal.

It’s sweet and beautifully written, and will make you want to book your next holiday in the Italian countryside.”


The Tulip Garden is available from from many good book stores and online from Amazon.



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