Review of The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Laura

tickle fingers

What they say:  The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook is an exciting, hands-on cookery book that makes it as easy, fun and stress-free as possible for parents, grandparents and carers to have fun cooking family meals with a toddler aged 1 – 4.

Everything in The Tickle Fingers Toddler Cookbook is completely toddler friendly with minimal need for adult intervention – no hobs, no sharp knives and no raw meat – and has been carefully  selected to emphasise all the activities toddlers love to do: painting, squishing, sorting, mixing and pouring.

What we say:  “As my 2 year old little girl loves to bake, I was really keen to review this recipe book. My initial thoughts were it looked fun and child friendly.

Looking through it I noticed immediately that the recipes didn’t actually start until page 46 (almost half way through the book). The first half is filled with ‘all you need to know’ information such as why toddlers should cook, how to make it fun, ingredient tips and what you need. Whilst I think this information is valuable, personally a condensed section covering this information would be preferred to allow for more recipes to be included.

The layout of the recipe section of the book is extremely user friendly splitting recipes into sections for breakfast, snack time, lunch time and family supper. It’s then split into further subsections for the levels of difficulty – easy peasy, budding cook and confident chef. Each recipe is clear, easy to follow, and provides useful details such as allergy information and the skills your child will use in making the meal/snack.

Next was to try out a couple of the recipes. First my daughter made pitta chips and a tzatziki dip which went down very well over lunch and she kept thinking the pitta chips were crisps – so a healthy alternative!! We then tried out the egg-free arancini balls. This recipe had a ‘sticky fingers alert’ as you needed to get the mixture together in your hands and form into little balls, which of course any child will love and mine certainly did. Again, these were polished off and even mummy got to try one! In fact, having looked at all the recipes, I think there will be a few things that the whole family will enjoy eating and not just my little girl.

We will certainly be using this recipe book frequently and would recommend it to any parents with toddlers who are budding little chefs!”


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