Review of the Sparkly Sleepy-time wand children’s book

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The sparkly sleepy-time wand


Lisa and her twins Toby and Eloise aged 4

What they say:

An Enchanting Story. Discover fairies, magic fairy dust, rainbows and palaces.

The Sparkly Sleepy-Time Wand is not just a beautiful book, with gorgeous illustrations and a lovely story line, but each reader gets their own sparkly sleepy-time wand in a secret compartment at the back of each book and a CD with an audio version of the story read by actress Lucy Benjamin.

It is also a great sleep aid to help young children (particularly six and under) to learn how to resettle themselves and get a full night of sleep.

What our reviewer says:

Thanks for sending this book. We absolutely loved it!

Both of my children loved this, but my little girl was most interested. My son just wanted to run around with the wand! As a parent, I was so impressed with the storyline, the clarity and speed at which the story was read on the CD and the wonderful, colourful illustrations.

The combination of a great story, fab illustrations, CD and a toy make this absolutely perfect. I would welcome the introduction of boys stories like this too (without wishing to stereotype – but my son prefers pirates, diggers and firemen!).

I have read this every night to my daughter, and she took it to nursery today for story time.

It would make a great Christmas present.

The book:

Is a hard back book with beautiful colourful illustrations and contains a wand and a CD. It is priced at £9.99 A donation of 50p for every book sold goes to the children’s charity Rosie’s Rainbow Fund. Rosie’s Rainbow Fund supports sick and disabled children in hospital, school and in the community. for more information about the book see the Grace and Evie website.


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