Review of the Snack Organisation Freeze Dried snacks

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Reviewed by:  The Mojomums team

the snack organisation

What they say:  Encourage kids to eat their fruit early and often with new Freeze Dried Fruit from the Snack Organisation, just as healthy as they are delicious, they’ll brighten up dreary lunch box meals for little ones without them kicking up a fuss.

There are four flavour filled bags to choose from, strawberry, pineapple, apple and apricot, and because the fruit is freeze dried it locks in all the natural nutrition and means each bag counts towards that elusive 5-a-day. Produced using a unique technique, the fruit are just that, fruit with no other ingredient or additive and, when eaten, pack a crunch before melting on the tongue.

The new Freeze Dried Fruits are also fabulously versatile; they are fantastic sprinkled on to yoghurt and cereal; mixed into cake mixtures and used to decorate cupcakes for weekends baking with the tots. The Snack Organisation Freeze Dried Fruit range is now available in Tesco, priced at £1.00 for a 16g pack. Look out for them in the dried fruit snack aisle.

What we say:  “These snacks are certainly for anyone who has an extremely sweet tooth!  We found them very sweet – but all of our children loved them and polished them off instantly!

A handy snack for on-the-go and lunchboxes.  A treat that your child won’t realise is good for them!”


The Snack Organisation is available from Tesco

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One Response to Review of the Snack Organisation Freeze Dried snacks

  1. Andrea Balog says:


    I am not a mum, but a person with loads of food allergies. I enjoyed this product so much that I had to leave a good review somewhere. This is just amazing, no added sugar, perfect natural snack. I am really amazed. Thank you. You made my day, as I cannot have any sweets, candies, chocolate and this snack is sweet enough to curb the cravings and stay healthy. Love the banana and strawberry version as well.

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